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Annoyed by annoying ads in the middle of your social media posts? A social media platform has been launched that removes those annoying things to allow you to focus on your social media posts.

CounterSocial is a new online social media platform designed for those who want to avoid endless bot attacks between annoying ads, insults, ads, memes and posts. It is a clean and ideal platform for socializing on the internet. It has a lot of users in the United States and many are always looking for social reviews.

Feedback from users on the application

After evaluation, we found that the platform has a lot of users around the world. Many users have shared positive reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Overall, the reviews are satisfactory.

Many users are satisfied with the functionality and operation of the application. CounterSocialDev offers Countersocial and is available for mobile on the respective Play Store. Many reviews are available online. Some still wonder who created these miracles with such high-end features. They want to know who owns the counter social.

What is counter social?

Counter Social is a social media network with unique features to keep users engaged. No offensive advertising, propaganda and foreign influence operations. You get endless opportunities for socialization without any hindrance.

Counter Social is a type of social networking platform designed with zero tolerance against bot accounts, hostile countries, propaganda networks and trolls. It is a platform for equipping social media channels and provides the freedom to use impact operations against the platform.

It is a 100% crowdsourced platform by its users and does not distribute any promotional material.

What are the features of Counter Social App?

  • Counter Share – Users have easy access to secure, integrated and temporary 500TB file sharing solutions. Files are encrypted and users are allowed to set limits or limit the number of installs.
  • Emergency Radio Traffic – The app is enriched by COSOCOM, which broadcasts over 7000 emergency radio frequencies. When an event occurs, it automatically tunes to chat from scratch.
  • COSOCIAL CONFERENCE – It promotes one-click private video conferencing and invites everyone to join the conference via a unique link.
  • COSO Group – This allows users to create their own community of their choice. The group can be private or public.
  • Privacy Enhanced Mode – According to Counter Social Review, external links shared on stream or timeline can be accessed via Privacy Enhanced Mode. This puts you between the host server and the platform with the most security.

Here are some features that users can enjoy while using this app.


People are outraged by advertisements, commercials and other misconduct on various social media channels. So, they are slowly turning to a social network that is free from all these annoyances. CounterSocial is a newly launched unique social network without ads, promotions or false news.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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