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Do you like going on vacation? Do you like to host dinner parties? People like to organize such events with love. However, sending food to your loved ones is difficult. Cooking can be stressful at times. Thus, Boarderie Reviews is a great option to send your love to your friends and family.

Boarderie is a gourmet website that brings you delicious and aesthetically pleasing dishes. They are really delicious and are the best platform for corporate gifts. But what about the taste? What can you order from them? Such questions are often asked and today we bring you a Boarderie review.

Let’s know about their company and what they offer. Later we will also list all the pros and cons.

About the Boarderie

Boarderie offers you a delicious plate of paneer. They are mixed with other salty foods. The company was founded by two spouses, Aaron and Julie. He was running a restaurant business. However, his business declined during the pandemic, so he decided to expand it.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he started an online business and launched the Boardery website. So you can have the most exciting cheeses and charcuterie at your doorstep with just a call.

What does Boarderie offer?

All cheese plates

A beautiful tray is filled with cheesy goodies. It offers about 19 hand-picked cheeses, dried fruit, rosemary and olive oil crackers.

Brie board in the oven

They have delicious bread slices with cheese. They are available in many flavors including blueberry, chocolate, rosemary, and truffle.

Luxury Art Board

This giant classic board includes 35 cheeses, three baked brie buns, crackers and bamboo cutlery.

Thanksgiving party

Now you can order a huge Thanksgiving feast for your family and friends. It includes 36 types of hand-picked cheeses, crackers and bamboo cutlery.

Cheese lovers

You can order a Cheese Lover’s Pack for everyone. It includes 15 hand-selected cheese slices and 6 wax rainbow candles. In this you also get henna and olive oil crackers.

Website description

  • Site was registered on July 27, 2020.
  • The website will expire on July 27, 2023.
  • Only a few months left for the renewal of this website.

Safe packaging of your food

A major concern is that these food labels may be damaged during delivery. Food can be spoiled or mixed during the package. So let’s see how they package your food for safe delivery.

  • The boards are packed with ice bags. (Cool to 40 degrees)
  • You should put it in the freezer immediately.
  • A vacuum seal is applied.
  • The package is packed in boxes which are airtight and provide complete protection.

Board handling

Let’s see the changes coming to our home.

  1. Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.
  2. You need to take it out of the refrigerator at least an hour before serving.
  3. Remove the airtight lid when ready to serve.
  4. You can store jam and honey for up to 3 weeks.

food consumption

You can enjoy this meal within 7 to 10 days. You can store it safely in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Custom order

They also have a custom order option. Now you can create your table. It will help if you let them know what you need and you will get it at your door.

Price scale

Boards are available for $200 to $250, probably. However, the price may change from time to time. It also depends on what you order.

Nationwide shipping

They offer nationwide shipping with free shipping Tuesday through Friday.

Shipping costs

You will need to pay an additional $20 for Saturday delivery. However, all other days are free. It usually takes one day to deliver the package.


  1. They have a good selection and custom orders are also available.
  2. Prices are reasonable.
  3. They offer nationwide delivery in the United States.
  4. You can pre-book for the next 365 days.
  5. No delivery charges except Saturdays.


  1. There are no reviews on other sites.
  2. The website will be taken down soon.
  3. There is only one review on Amazon.

Customer Reviews: Are They Satisfied?

There is no official site review. We also looked at trust pilot but tried to find something. However, Amazon shows a five-star rating for the Boarderie.


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