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On 14th February 2019, 40 CRPF jawans were killed by a suicide bomber. The group of vehicles carrying these jawans was attacked by a suicide bomber vehicle in Pulwama. 40 jawans and the suicide bomber were killed instantly. The day was marked as the ‘Black Day’ of India and every year, the countrymen pay their tribute to the lost soldiers in the 14th February 2019 Pulwama attack on this day.

On the 3rd anniversary of the Pulwama attack, we bow our heads to the martyred soldiers. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten!

Our heroes may have left the world on that Black Day, but they will always remain immortal in the country’s heart!

While lovers were gifting red roses to each other, our soldiers dedicated their blood to their motherland!

It is called the day of love! Those 40 jawans loved their motherland so much, they sacrificed themselves for her sake!

Remembering our soldiers who guard our nation so that we can live in peace! Their sacrifice and dedication are beyond the measures of this world!

With a heavy heart, we pray for those soldiers who laid their lives in service of the nation during the 14th February 2019 Pulwama attack. May they be blessed and in peace!

3 years may have passed but the memories are still alive. The nation was shocked but it derived its strength from those 40 jawans who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack. They never died; they live on in the hearts of all the Indians.


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