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This article will discuss the latest developments in frontline games and give you a brief overview of At Use Chonkers

Are you trying to find the pieces? Do you meet the challenges of Fortnight Games? If so, you can get many ideas from the article. According to the rules of the game, players are challenged in the form of resistance quests. For this reason, players need to blast.

Players from the United States and the United Kingdom are embracing the challenge. But still, many players want to know how to find Ascender and how to use Chonkers.

Where to find Ascender?

The ascent can be found northeast of the earth. But to find an ascendant, players have to go through research and movement in the game. But it is also true that finding an ascendant is not a very difficult task. Eventually, the total area is met with climbing. Players can do other things.

Players can only find Ascender through Shop IO. IO also floats in the area. So players can find them even by going to the zipline.

Use Ascender in Chonkers

To use the blocker, you need to follow certain procedures. The following suggestions may give you ideas.

  • First, the Accenter is a vertical line with a zip formation.
  • Players will need to use a zipline to climb the hills.
  • Players can choose another route. This is the Climb Io Airships in the game.
  • By following this procedure, players can discover the speedway Chonkers.
  • Players can find it in rock formations. Specifically, towards the northwest racetrack of the field.

Large pieces in use

There are several benefits to using a Chonkers. First, if players complete the challenge, the game will be rewarded with 20,000 XP. Second, players can enter Battle Pass Season 2. Players from Australia play games for the award.

But players must stop to enter the enemy line. Players need to collect more shields and alien gear to defend themselves. Players should also keep in mind that the challenge will come in the third week. The challenge is very important for the game. During the challenge, players must use the climb in pieces.

Why this new trend?

In the third case, the game developers have removed the “mechanic” form from the game. Now players must also have the ability to check game maps and perform stunts. But now the mechanical part reappears and Fortnite becomes an integral part of the game. So players from Canada and New Zealand are watching the game.


At the beginning of the game, the players mainly used the buildings as protection. But now the situation has changed. Now, players are using Ascenders, and according to At Use Chonkers, players are taking advantage.


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Have you played the game and used Ascender? Share your thoughts.

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