Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill

The article provides all the details about the Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill and gives us important information about the sculpture.

Do you know the lost ancient Roman statue? An antique dealer bought an antique from a Goodwill store for 35 and found it to be 2,000 years old. The Roman statue was carved in the late 1st century BC and is a collection of German kings. News of the discovery of the Roman statue shocked Americans. This article will tell you about the ancient harmony of Roman Bust.

Why are the news trending?

News of the ancient Roman bust bought by Laura Young became a trend. She saw antiques at the Goodwill store for 35. He saw a 52-pound marble bust in the store, bought it and took it home. The antiquities date back to 2000 and are now on display at the San Antonio Museum of Art, where they will remain on loan until 2023. She nurtured this work for almost four years, but took care of it as best she could.

Essential points on the harmony of the ancient Roman bust

  • Roman is an ancient sculpture, and Young knew he would have to return it to the government.
  • This is a little disappointing for Dennis Young, who bought it from the store and said that he was happy to get the sculpture and that it did not end up in someone else’s garden. .
  • It took about four years for the statue to be moved, and German authorities have not given the true value of the statue, saying that once such an antique item made headlines, its value increased even more. .

Ancient Roman Bust Harmony Details

The Roman busts are owned by the German government, and due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it took time for the sculpture to move to its original location. In April 2022, the museum was finally installed in the museum as one of the oldest Roman artefacts in the Middle East. Young said she was a little disappointed to have the sculpture and could not send it directly to Europe. After the sculpture was sent to its original home, Young was one of the first guests to see the sculpture. After this incident, the harmony of the images of ancient Rome made headlines and people became very curious to know the details.


The Roman bust has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most important discoveries Young has ever made. The price of the bust has not been confirmed yet, but it certainly brought publicity and increased the price of the sculpture.


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