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Among Us Airship Map LAUNCH Detail:- Hello friends and welcome to our official website In today’s post, we will see about the mystery-party-action games named Among Us Airship Map and find out Time, How to download, etc.

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What is Among Us Airship Map?

Among Us Airship Map is an online multiplayer social discount game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. It was launched on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018 and it offers cross-platform play between platforms.

The game was also released on the Nintendo Switch in December 2020 and is slated for release in 2021 for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S.

The game takes place in a spatial setting, with players taking part in one of the two roles each, most of whom are crew members, and a pre-determined number of cheaters. The goal of the Crumates is to identify and eliminate clutter and complete map-related tasks.

Scammers want to sabotage and brutally kill before they do all their jobs. Players suspected of being scammers can be removed by overwhelming votes. Any player can start an emergency meeting (except during an emergency) or report a corpse.

Latest News About Launching Among Us Airship Map

The game developers Innersloth announced that the Airship map will launch on March 31 (today). It will be available as a free update on Android and iOS.

There’s no official launch time, although developer InnerSloth has confirmed that it will be available during work hours in the Pacific Time Zone.

The moderation and accounts system are part of the reason why launching the Airship map has taken so long. The moderation system has been a top priority, although there were countless issues to consider before launch, the report said.

IANS reported that ‘Among Us’ had become the most downloaded mobile game on both Android and iOS app stores in 2020, beating out games such as PUBG Mobile and Roblox. According to data released by Apptopia, ‘Among Us’ garnered 264 million downloads globally and 41 million in the US.

How to get Airship Map in Among Us?

Players will ask a series of questions about new additions to Inersloth. Players will ask questions about how airships play between us and try to learn more about the new maps below. This is because the creators have added so many new sets among us and fans will love it.

To help you, we’ve listed down-to-step suggestions for answers to your questions, e.g. B. Try to find out more about how to play airship between us and the new map below. So without delay, let’s take a deep dive to find our new map, the airship below.

Characteristics of Among us Airship Map

  • Players must first create a local game.
  • Open the laptop in the lobby.
  • Try searching for “Game” and selecting “Airship” as the map.
  • Exit this special lobbyCreate another game online with exactly the same settings.
  • Once four or more players enter the lobby, players can start playing.

Brief About New Among Us Airship Map

The new airship map between us won’t be officially released until early 2021, but there’s a bug that will let you quickly play the map on the Nintendo Switch.

This method is used for both local and games online games, and there is a chance that you will see it in public games online games, as its use has spread widely since its invention. Currently, bugs can only be fixed in the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but only the host needs to be on the switch.

Once the game is over, players on all platforms can join the lobby and try out the map. This way you quickly play new airship cards between us.

How to Play the New Among Us Airship Map?

This bug only works with the Nintendo Switch version of the game. However, once everything is set up here, you can invite your friends to another platform:

  • Create a local game.
  • Go to the laptop to change the game settings.
  • Select an airship map.
  • Exit the main menu and host the game online.
  • Game Online Do not select the map when starting the game.
  • Invite friends or wait for people to join.
  • Have fun with the new card!

How to access the new Among Us ‘AirShip’ map early on Nintendo Switch?

Among Us, the world’s most popular social deduction game, is finally available on the Nintendo Switch.

And for many, this console may be considered the ‘chosen one’ amongst all platforms on which this game is available.

This is because players can play the new airship map in Among Us on the Nintendo Switch even before it has officially released, thanks to a bug.

Guide to play Among Us Airship map on Nintendo Switch

  • Players need to create a local game to begin with.
  • Once the game is created, they can head to the laptop in the lobby and hit the customize button.
  • Users then have to select the “Airship” map after scrolling to the Game tab.
  • Once done, they must leave the lobby and start a new game without changing the settings.
  • Once four or more players have joined, the game can be launched


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