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This article will give you details about One Piece game. If you retrieve the link for A 0ne Piece Game Trello, you are on the right page.

Have you played the recently launched “One Piece Game”? Do you know its features in Trelo? If you are one of the gamers around the world looking for “One Piece Game” in Trello, you will find all the details here. The game launched on Roblox a few weeks ago.

Many players are confused about the relationship between the One Piece game and Trelo. So, in this article we will discuss A 0ne Piece Game Trello.

One Piece Game in Trelo

Trelo is a platform where you can see various details and features of different games like One Piece game. The following list will guide you through the details of playing One Piece in Trelo:

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Game Info – You can plant fruit every 30 minutes. The probability of coming out of the chest is 0.1%. In A One Peace Game Wiki, you can buy fruits, guns, munitions and swords with a belly (B $). Get the belly by searching, defeating the army, or opening the chest.

Trelo game features

One piece is the in-game currency belly that can be obtained from the chest. Chest B can post a 3,000 bond. According to Trelo, the game acts as a devil’s fruit notifier, telling you when and where the devil is bearing fruit. The Coffin Boat and the Striker Pass are 125 and 150 speed boats, respectively.

NPCs include Set Spawn, Rayleigh, Merchant, Business Man, Traveling Merchant, Blacksmith, Fosk, Zuri, Zuri’s Brother, Sanji, and Fishman. Further information goes into details about the islands and some valuable tips.

One 0ne Peace Game Trelo Articles

  • Island – Starter Island is the first island. To get to the next island, get at least twenty power levels. Players can purchase weapons and scrolls for multiple quests. Other islands include Shell Island, Jungle, Arlong Park, Orange Town, etc.
  • Fighting style – Blacklag, Electro, Fishman Karate
  • Sword styles include 3ss, Thunder Pole and Bisanto.
  • Guns include dual flintlock, flintlock and slingshot.
  • Fruits include Barrier Fruit, Ice Fruit, Chopped Fruit, Light Fruit, Invisible Fruit, Fire Fruit, Lightning Fruit, Operation Fruit, Magma Fruit, Earthquake Fruit, Phoenix Fruit, Poison, String Fruit and Air Fruit, Rubber.
  • The One Piece Trelo game features bosses including Bandit Boss, Gorilla, Whiteboard, Boss, Yusop, Thunder God, Magellan, Desert Bandit Leader, Luffy, Doflamingo and more.


This article will tell you about one piece game in Trelo. Trail has a lot of information about trending games. The game has a variety of features and characters. We talked about islands, fighting style, guns.


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