14 Year Old Boy Falls From Attraction Video

In this article, we bring you information about a horrific accident in Orlando where a 14 Year Old Boy Falls From Attraction in a viral video.

Do you have any information about the accident at ICON Park in Orlando? This is the worst case of a 14-year-old falling from a “free fall”.

There are many cases of such accidents in amusement parks around the world, where negligence leads to many accidents. In which all happiness changes into sorrow. Before you go hiking you need to be responsible and aware of safety. Because of this stupidity, the 14-year-old fell in love, and the video went viral.

The crash happened at Icon Park in Orlando.

A 14-year-old boy named Tire Sampson went to Icon Park for some fun. He was on holiday in Missouri with his friend’s family. The kids were having fun in this amusement park on Thursday night. Tire Sampson and his friends decide to go on a “free fall” ride.

Due to a seat belt buckle problem, he was unable to fasten his seat belt. So the ride went on and he couldn’t get on the leash. So he fell out of that happy round and got injured.

Video of 14 year old boy falling from driving.

The video of the boy falling from the happy round has gone viral on YouTube and social media. Tire Sampson was badly injured and 911 took him to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, he could not survive due to injuries in the gutter and died at the hospital.

County Sheriff John W. Mina tries to identify the boy and tells him the news. The sheriff said the investigation is still in its early stages. And so far, no charges have been filed. The true cause of death must be ascertained.

The 14-year-old fell from the attraction video

As you can see in the video, Tire Sampson was on the ride and the guard was told to fasten his seat belt. Unfortunately, he was unable to click on the seat belt shortly after the ride and the accident occurred due to lack of awareness.

Was it the boy who didn’t fasten the belt or was it the fault of the carousel that the buckle was not working properly? Park staff said there were no signs of disruption to the ride. This can be seen in the 14-year-old Falls of Ride video, where the ride owner and others expressed their gratitude for their families.

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Death at a very young age brings sorrow and pain to his family. The boy goes to the amusement park to have fun but ends his life. The accident happened due to lack of vigilance and awareness.

Also let us know your reactions and thoughts on this horrible accident. They can help some people become more aware and attentive. A video of a 14-year-old boy falling off a ride was posted online shortly after his death.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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