Suncorp Scam

For all Suncorp Bank customers, this article will help you with the details of the Suncorp Scam that may increase the risk to your bank account.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Is it from the original website? Is Email Designed for Scams? Emails are the first target of scammers, and SunCorp users in Australia have been warned about them in detail.

More than a million Australian customers received emails from the Fish Suncorp website asking for their login details. Read this article to know the details of Suncorp scam, which shows how the scam goes!

Suncorp scandal:

Millions of Suncorp Bank customers have been alerted by phishing emails with the intention of stealing customers’ personal and banking information. The mail states that users have “a new message in their Suncorp bank account”.

The match is believed to be Suncorp Bank’s, but that’s not the truth. This is from a scam website that will copy all the information you enter using the same brand and logo for fraud. Therefore, this mail came from a secure unregistered web hosting company.

How is the Suncorp scam evolving?

After receiving the email from the Fish Suncorp website, users will be taken to a fake page where they will have to enter all their bank login details. As already mentioned, the directed website is a phishing platform and scammers will see all the activities on this page.

The scammers track all the information entered on the platform and you will have access to all your email IDs and passwords, endangering your basic banking information and operations.

Suncorp Official Platform Confirmation:

The official Suncorp banking platform confirmed the scam and warned all users to be cautious. The bank advises all its customers to delete any such mail immediately, thus eliminating all chances of risk and uncertainty.

In addition, they advised to share the exact details on their social media platforms which would help spread the word about the scam via email. As mentioned, this self-generated message will steal all banking customer information for fraud.

Suncorp details:

After going into all the details of the comprehensive and exciting Suncorp scam, let’s take a look at some of the details of the bank. Suncorp is a well known and trusted bank which has registered many customers.

It is an Australian company that helps clients with banking, insurance and finance related tasks, making the process easier for accessible applications.


Beware of Australian Suncorp users who have received mail for new notifications or bank related messages! This camera will track and steal all your information and endanger your account.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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