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What is YONO SBI App?

Yono (You Only Need One) SBI App is an automated digital banking platform of State Bank of India (SBI) that allows users to access financial and other services like flight, train, bus and taxi cards, shopping online shopping, etc. Can access. Makes or pays medical bills.

YONO is available as a mobile Android and iOS app. Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched Yono on Friday, November 24, 2017. Yono offers the services of more than 100 e-commerce companies, including travel online shopping, travel booking, taxi booking, train tickets, movie tickets, education online education, and special discounts. Retail market – or retail.

Yono also offers traditional mobile banking features like opening bank accounts, transferring funds, cashless bill transfer, and loans. The application can be used to withdraw money from ATMs. Achieve your goals and manage your money with just one touch.

Yono’s best experience lets you maximize your savings and make your vision a reality. Start realizing and creating your new dreams. If you have an account with SBI and you are using your internet banking credentials, register and log in to enjoy the convenience that Yono SBI introduces to your life.

If you do not have internet banking credentials, you can use your debit card You can create a temporary internet banking password and register with it. With a simple login counting process, you can manage YONO SBI with your fingers.

Benefits of YONO SBI App

YONO SBI allows you to book IRCTC tickets, use UPI to transfer money, buy movie tickets, banking, shopping, Travel, bill payments, Recharge, Invest and more.

YONO SBI, the new mobile banking service from SBI is an evolution of trusted banking experience that introduced stable digital products like SBI Anywhere and SBI Net Banking to India. YONO SBI App puts all the banking and financial needs at your fingertips. YONO SBI App enables you to experience digitally all your day to day needs, right from your comfort.

Features of YONO SBI App

  • The simple interface of the application allows you to do basic banking like banking. Check your balance, make a fixed deposit, add a beneficiary, etc.
  • Fast transfer up to Rs. 10,000 / – to newly added beneficiaries
  • Register with Yono SBI application and use all government bank branches (credit cards, life insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, SIP, investment funds, or investments) under one roof.
  • Summarize your spending with Smart Cost Analyzer which automatically identifies and categorizes your transactions.
  • Get a pre-approved personal loan of up to Rs 5 lakh immediately without any paperwork.
  • Get a fixed deposit overdraft in one click using a targeted deposit plan to meet your needs with regular deposits.
  • Request a checkbook, ATM card/debit card, or use the emergency service to change the ATM PIN or block the card/debit card through the Yono SBI application.
  • If you have an SBI account, use your internet banking credentials to sign up and sign in so that Yono SBI makes your life easier.

Why YONO SBI App is not working?

SBI’s online banking portal has been down.Many SBI customers took to Twitter to notify SBI about the same. Customers aren’t able to carry out online transactions via the online banking portal. Later, it was found that the blackout has also affected the SBI YONO app, which also facilitates online banking and other online services.

Maybe the YONO App server is down or the app is under maintenance. Other then this, there are other common issues that can interrupt your service.

SBI has a very large customer base and many people rely on its Internet-based banking services. Many customers have taken to Twitter to complain of the blackout and how it’s causing a lot of problems for them.

How to Fix YONO SBI App is not working?

  • Restart Your Phone / iPhone.
  • Maybe the server is busy or down, so wait for some time.
  • Check Your Internet Connection.
  • Update YONO SBI App
  • Update Your Device.
  • Check Device date and time setting.
  • Wait for some time because it may be in maintenance mode.

Process to log in to SBI YONO App

  • Step.1 Open the YONO or YONO lite app on your mobile and enter the 6-digit MPIN you have set up during the registration process.
  • Step.2 Additionally, under the ‘User ID’ tab, you can enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and tap the ‘Login’ icon.
  • Step.3 Once you logged in you will be redirected to the dashboard of the app, where you can avail of all the banking services provided by SBI.

Is SBI YONO App safe?

YONO is much more secure and convenient as compared to any other mobile banking app. Another crucial fact that grabs the attention when utilizing the YONO application is the protection aligned with it. YONO is much more reliable than every other app which is used for making an online purchase.

The explanation for this is that the confidentiality and privacy of the consumers is the highest concern for the State Bank of India, so to secure the consumers, they use the safest data privacy system so that the customer’s confidential data always remain safe from fraudulent activities

YONO SBI App Customer Care Number

YONO SBI Customer Care number 044-66195622 / 044-6619-5623

SBI YONO App Complaints & Reviews

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