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You can listen to or watch the online Senka Perfect White Clay from the Android app. Today I am going to share the most wanted item and give information about Senka Perfect White Clay reviews. We are not talking about their quality here, but we are still analyzing the Senka Perfect White Clay is safe or not?

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I rarely buy anything for fear of losing it (so I’m late to try out current promotional products), but last month I fell into temptation. If you live in Indonesia, you probably already know that there has been a lot of hype about Senka since the end of last year with its Perfect Whip Face Wash. I managed to get away from this fame, but as soon as this Perfect White Clay came out, I caught it on the fly.

About Senka Perfect White Clay


Senka Perfect White Clay product comes in a simple, white plastic tube that holds 120 grams of the product. I think there is a small package but I can’t find it anywhere. I ordered it on the first day it appeared on Social, but the small packaging it was already sold out.

The back of the tube is covered with white stickers printed in Bahasa Indonesia. I peeled off the sticker and all I have is here. Does anyone speak Japanese? I know we can use Google Translate for this, but I’m too lazy.


This is a component list and CosDNA analysis.

Appearance and smell

The product is white and creamy. You can feel how creamy it is when you apply it directly on your skin. I don’t think I’ve ever used a creamy facial cleanser before. As for the smell, I like it. It’s nice, fresh, floral and not too strong.

Another way to use this face wash – which is probably a more preferred method – is to use foam nets to make foam out of it. I think this is the unique advantage of using Senka. When I bought the facial toner I got my foam mesh as a gift from Sociola.

So I tried making foam and this looks like it. I could have done more for sure, but I don’t get any benefit from doing it because it’s fun. Seriously, I went to their website for Indonesia and people there make a bowl of foam. I think this amount of clothing is enough for my whole face, but – if not more – for my whole face, and yes, it’s fun to make a big big thin, I don’t have that much time and patience, especially in the morning face . I will spend those extra minutes in the long run.

This foam is definitely different from what you would expect if you have never tried Senka. It’s not light and thin – the foam is really very firm and bouncy. When you apply it to your face and try to massage your face in a rotating motion, the foam passes through your hand as if it were a delicate sponge. It doesn’t drip from your face (you can see how I tilt my palm in the picture and the foam stays) and it stays firm and bouncy until you spray water on your face, even if you massage it a little Knock or really take the time to enjoy the blanket on your face if you do (because seriously, it’s fun).


I ran a sample test you can see below, but keep in mind that this is for demonstration only. This toner doesn’t really claim to remove makeup.

For the switch I use a BLP lipcoat in a red velvet shade, as it has strong pigmentation and durability.

I made foam from the foam mesh and used it to clean the top pattern. For the following example, I have applied the product directly to the pattern. For both switches of color, I usually made a light twisting motion like on my face.

Glad how the foam turned pink. Either way, as you can see, it does an excellent job of removing the switch as it is not designed to remove makeup on purpose. I think you can trust this cleaner to remove the remnants of makeup then you remove it from the cleanser first. And based on this small experiment, I would say that there is no difference in the cleaning ability of the two methods (first use leather or straight).

Still, each method gives me a different feeling of empathy on the face. While both methods give me a clean feeling, when I use foam made from foam mesh my face always looks strangely granular and doesn’t look smooth even after dubbing with a towel. However, if I massage the product directly on my face, my face will then feel softer and smoother.

Unfortunately, the latter feeling is not the only problem for me. If that were the case, I would still use it without foaming at first. However, I no longer use the product – I say yes.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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