Purenista M Game Guide

Purenista M Game Guide: Purenista M is a stylish avatar dress-up game with a chat feature so you can find friends in the community.

If you love cute avatars and Japanese-style fashion, you will enjoy all the creative features of this app! Check out these helpful tips and tricks in our beginner’s guide to Pornista M:

About Purenista M Game

Purenista M Game is a mobile game that allows players to run their own fashion business and compete with other players to create the best-performing business. By managing inventory, creating fashionable outfits and fulfilling customer needs, players can climb the leaderboards and become the ultimate fashion entrepreneur.

Create an avatar

Creating an avatar is easy. There is no plot or story, so you can start creating as soon as you open the app. In the closet area, you can arrange pieces to create your original avatar.

The possibilities are endless as you collect more items. You can choose details like hairstyles, eye colors, face makeup, clothes and various head accessories!

Customize your avatar

In Purenista M you can easily customize your avatar. Like face shape, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, and gender.

We have several adjustments to suit your chosen gender. This feature allows you to take unforgettable couple photos with other players in the community.

Purenista M Game Guide

Take photos with friends in the community

At Purenista M we encourage community development. That means we want you to have more fun with our app! Taking pictures with avatars created by your friends can be a unique way to bond with loved ones.

We call this feature Duo Shot Photos. If you see a duo-shot avatar in the gallery, you can take a duo-shot with it.

Purenista M Game Guide

Participate in contests organized by users

Have you ever had an idea that you’d like people to share? Purenista M has a place where you can create contests based on your imagination!

Whether you want to create a contest for the most handsome male avatar or a magical theme with wealth, you can post a contest and attract like-minded people to the community!

Collect flowers in the stage garden every day to get items

While some items in our app require a monetary transaction, there are many great items you can get for free.

We have a lovely garden that you can visit every day to earn points. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for items of your choice.

Purenista M Game Guide

Redemption points for more items

Scene Garden is the best way to earn items, while Daily Login and Monday Free Tickets are the best way to earn points.

Purenista M aims to be an app that will help you relax after a stressful day. We are always looking for new ways to offer you something. So you can enjoy yourself without stress.

If you love fashion, art, and design, download Pornista M here and create your own fantasy world right now!


Finally, To succeed in Purenista M, players must balance their resources and make strategic decisions about what items to stock and at what price. They should follow the latest fashion trends and create outfits that will appeal to their customers.

With its fun gameplay, colorful graphics and social features, Pornista M offers a unique gaming experience that will appeal to anyone who loves fashion and business. Whether you are a seasoned player or a casual player, Pornista is definitely worth checking out.

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