Now TV App Not Working

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What is Now TV App?

Now TV App is a subscription internet television service operated by UK satellite television provider Sky. Launched in the UK in 2012, the service is now available in Ireland, Italy, Germany and, to a lesser extent, Austria.

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Note: Now / Sky UK does not support video playback on rooted Android devices. This is because if a device is found to be “rooted”, we cannot guarantee our content partners’ satisfaction that programs, shows and movies may be protected from illegal copying or distribution.

With rooted tools, the user has complete control over the files and configuration of the Android operating system. Some devices may be identified as “rooted” if the manufacturer enables root access by default.

Why doesn’t the Now TV app work?

There are several reasons why the Now TV app may not work.

Now the TV app server may be down or app maintenance is in progress. In addition, other common issues may interfere with your service.

But the most common problem is that the Now TV app does not open. This can be a real problem for obvious reasons, especially for those who use it every day.

If you’re having trouble accessing the Now TV app, read on. You will find many improvements for Android and other devices.

Below are the most common solutions that can help you access the Now TV app.

  • Wait a bit as the app may be in maintenance mode.
  • The server may be down, so wait a bit.
  • Check your internet connection.

If the above solution does not work, you can try other tricks to open the app.

  • Update the TV app now.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Check device compatibility.
  • Check the device’s date and time setting.
  • Update your device.
  • Clear the app cache file from the app settings.


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