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About Maui Picrew

Maui Picrew is a paper doll style avatar creation website. It is an image maker and allows users to contribute their avatar maker artwork through image maker.

Maui Picrew is an image creation platform where you can “create image creations with your photos” and “play with the image creations you create”. With the creator made image maker, you can combine your favorite elements to create images and characters.

Maui Pikru avatar image-maker consists of a series of layered images cropped to create a 2D paper doll style image. The Site authorizes the use of photographs or illustrations; Each layer can have small objects like hair or facial features to add character.

What is Maui Picrew?

Maui Picrew Maker is a website that helps users create virtual characters or avatars with many options and features.

The landing page contains a collection of brand new images, images used by other users, avatars used by other users on the website and new avatars available for users to create their characters.

Maui Picrew is a free online image editor that includes valuable tools. In addition to basic functionality including cropping, resizing and rotating, Pi Crew Image-Maker offers advanced cloud storage capabilities so you can save your work files and share them with others.

It also has an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that makes creating images easy even for those unfamiliar with online editors like Photoshop or Gimp.

Thanks to Maui Picrew, creating a Picrew avatar is easy. Since its launch in less than a year, Picrew Me has created a lot of buzz online.

It is easy to use and fun to play, providing entertainment for people of all ages. Explore the site, create an avatar of yourself or a loved one, and share your Picrew with your loved ones.

Looking for new inspiration as a Picrew image maker? For an updated version, see picrew in the website’s Picrew gallery. And if you’re feeling fancy, sign up as a Maui Picru icon maker now and create someone else’s avatar!

Description: Maui Picrew and its specification

This is a website where you can create avatars in different ways. You have a variety of clothing options and accessories available.

Plus, you can easily rotate and resize pieces in Picrew, so you can layer them however you want. You can further personalize some items by adding your own photos.

The base and user interface of the website is similar to older avatar editors such as My Nintendo or WeeMee.

They also pay homage to the long tradition of online paper doll games such as the Kiseke game system. Outside of Japan, it is a widely used tool for creating avatars. Users can create with its direct user interface.

How to play Picrew

In Picrew, you can play with image generators made by different manufacturers. Find your favorite image maker, like removing it or changing your character’s clothes, and play with it.

How to play Kiseke game

It is an image maker that allows you to freely play with changing images, like changing clothes. You can create your own image by mixing your favorite items.

Kiseke Maker has the following functions.

Maui Picrew

A selection of articles

Maui Picrew
  • Select Part, then Select Item.
  • You can delete the element when the “x” button is displayed.

Color selection

Maui Picrew
  • If the part has different colors, you can choose the color.
  • If there is no difference, it will not be displayed.


Maui Picrew
  • If parts can be moved or measured, they can be set with a controller.
  • Otherwise, it will not be displayed.
  • The Reset button displayed on the controller panel resets the controller settings for the currently selected part. (Initiates position and shape.)
  • It does not affect other parts or colors.

Some more Features of Maui Picrew

Just by chance

  • Items, colors and controller settings are set randomly.
  • After pressing the button, you can select items and colors again.

Random item

  • Only elements and colors are set randomly.
  • Controller settings such as position, rotation and size remain unchanged.
  • After pressing the button, you can select items and colors again.
Maui Picrew

Reset all

  • Reset all Image Maker settings to default values.
  • All Random”, “Item Random”, and “All Reset” cannot return to their original state once executed. carefully
  • “All Random” and “Item Random” can be hidden based on the manufacturer’s settings.


  • When you have created a good image, press the “Finish” button.
  • The entire image can be shared on SNS or downloaded for use.

Customer Service Information

SSL certificate

Maui Picrew uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) certificates.
This means that if people send private information to this online company, it is less likely to be viewed by a third party because all information is encrypted. This is a must for an e-commerce retailer; But this does not automatically mean that a company is legitimate if it uses a secure connection.


Maui Picrew is not listed below for operating through any of the engines or containing malicious activity. The fact that is low risk does not in itself indicate this; Instead the web page is not flagged for any illegal technology.


Maui Picrew is not rated by Alexa. This score reflects the reputation of Maui Picrew. The lower this number, the more popular Maui Picrew will be.
A list of over a million people suggests a site that isn’t famous.


Q: Do you need an internet connection for Maui Picrew?

A: Yes, Maui Picrew requires a stable internet connection.

Q: Can I use Picrew as my profile picture?

A: Yes, you can use it as profile picture/avatar/icon.

Q- Can I use Picrew as a PFP?

A: Picrew is a free online image editor that comes with a few tools.

Q: Can Picrew be used in Twist?

A: Yes of course

Q: Can Picrew be private?

A: Yes, you can use it for individual characters.

Q: Is Picrew for LGBTQ?

A: Yes, it is LGBTQ-friendly.

Q: Can you sell Picrew art?

A: You are allowed to sell figures made from this Maui Picrew.


Maui Picrew has become popular with audiences outside of Japan, due to the simplicity of Image Maker and the ability for users to contribute their own Maui Picrew Maker artwork through Maui Picrew Avatar Maker artwork.

Picrew imposes certain restrictions in its terms of use, including prohibitions on redistribution of images created by Maui Picrew image creators.


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