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Lucky 2048



Lucky 2048 is an App that offers a more advanced version of the previous version with more features and new challenges.

The App claims to retain its classic structure while becoming more creative. This game can be played offline and has no time limit. Lucky 2048 was created by Megan Renee Oliver, a developer known for creating fake apps.

Thanks to an intensive advertising campaign, Lucky 2048 has received over a million downloads worldwide. This game can be played with other people, but it is still boring.

It has a clear interface and attractive sound effects. During the game you will find random hidden levels, the app is suitable for all ages.

To download Lucky 2048 on your cell phone, simply access the Google Play Store and search for the name, which consists of just two words. If you can’t find it, it’s because it’s not compatible with your device. You don’t need to register to use the app and you can start playing right away.

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About Lucky 2048

Lucky 2048 is not only classic but also creative. Are you ready to face these challenges? The basic rules of this game are very simple. You have to swipe to drop balls of the same color and number and then match them until they collide until you finally get 2048 balls.

Also, we have added something new here. There are some hidden levels that can be triggered randomly. This makes this 2048 game more fun than ever. Lucky 2048, brought to you by Hong Kong-based LBL Games, is a feature-packed mobile game.

These include fusion balls and emerging diamonds (tokens), which can be exchanged for cash when milestones are reached. Moreover, users can download apps from related links and also earn cash rewards.

According to the developers, whenever a user reaches the 100,000 diamond mark, they can withdraw $5 via PayPal. Check out the review of the Dice Royale app which is similar to Lucky 2048 where you can earn money by playing the game.

Initial method

Lucky 2048 is currently only available for Android users. This app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store while for iOS users this app is not yet available on their app store. Users can start playing without registration.

However, to get the reward, he needs to log in using his Facebook account. Only then you will be able to access your rewards page. The app gives a bonus of 50 diamonds to every new user. If you like to play fun games and earn money at the same time, why not take a look at our Coin Pop review?

Playing Method

The application is very easy to use. First, the user must match the same balls with the same color, shape or number. When the user matches these balls, a bigger ball with double the number is formed.

These numbers are stored as digits. The app presents a goal at the top of each game, and once the displayed points reach the goal, the user can spin the slot machine. However, the slot machine can be activated only after viewing the advertisement. Spin shows how many diamonds the user has just won.

The user should continue playing until he gets enough diamonds to make a withdrawal. You can also finish the game until the last ball number 2048 is unlocked, which is very difficult. Meanwhile, the app offers many other ways to collect diamonds, such as watching ads, downloading apps, or playing other games like Spin or Scratch.

Then you play and earn diamonds until you have enough diamonds to exchange for cash prizes. If you love to play games and earn money like Lucky 2048, check out our Money Well app review.

Lucky 2048 Real or Fake

Features of Lucky 2048

  • Classic and popular
  • Beautiful user interface and amazing sound effects
  • Random hidden levels
  • No time limit
  • Thousands of unique challenges
  • Available anywhere, anytime
  • WiFi is not required

If you want, you can also invite your friends to play with you. Download for free and enjoy our Lucky 2048 now!

Lucky 2048 Real or Fake

How to play Lucky 2048?

Lucky 2048 involves launching some bubbles located at the top of the screen. It is similar to the same game where you have to toss a coin, but this time it is a circle with a number on the visible side.

There is an empty board where you can collect every bubble. What you need to do is to launch each bubble and try to make a pair so that they merge. The number of both bubbles should match.

If you play each other and they don’t have the same number, you just see him sit there and start building a tower that can lose you at some point.

The objective is to make as many combinations as possible and reach the last block or until the app itself tells you that you have passed the level. The prize is hidden in some bubbles and after some time you have to watch ads to get it.


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