Is Kailo Scam Or Legit

This article provides information on whether Is Kailo Scam Or Legit. And suggest considering it before buying.

Want to get rid of the pain? Looking for the best painkillers on the market? Here, is ready to answer your questions. from USA has introduced a brand new pain relief patch with non-transdermal technology. It’s really good for everyone in the world. Now let’s see if Kalo is a scam or legit. This article gives you enough details to know the details of the website.

Is a reliable site?

The following section shows you the most important trust details on the website.

  • Created Website: domain was launched in the online market two years ago.
  • Website Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank is #850251 and Category is #851296Trust Score: website has an average trust score of 76%.
  • Social Media Access: website has complete social media access.
  • Phone Number: This is not available.
  • Contact Address: Shop address is mentioned.
  • Customer Caillou Review: It has excellent customer reviews.
  • Owner Details: website owner information is hidden.
  • Privacy Statement: The Website Privacy Policy is available at:
  • Return Policy: No worries with 100% refund policy.
  • Refund Details: Issue a full refund.

About is an online pen patch store. Calo presents an innovative pain relief patch for people suffering from pain. These patches are made with non-transdermal technology that provides pain relief. They provide expert advice for 20 minutes to help customers understand the best use and importance of the product. Website Details:

  • Website Type: is an online store selling pen patches.
  • Products Type: Calo Kit, Calo Buddy Pack, Soft Carrying Case, Calo KT Tape etc.
  • Site Creation Date: 4 September 2019
  • Website Expiration Date: 4 September 2023
  • Website URL:
  • Email ID for orders and support: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: Contact number not available
  • Contact Address: 8188 S. Highland Dr. Suite D1, Sandy, UT 84093, USA
  • Product Price: US Dollars
  • Shipping Information: Free Shipping (US Only)
  • Delivery Details: International delivery to more than 103 countries.
  • Delivery Time: Not mentioned
  • Product Discontinuation: Details not available.
  • Product Tracking: Not available.
  • Refund Details: Full Kit Refund Full Refund.
  • Product Returns: 90-Day Hassle-Free Returns
  • Exchange of products: Kallow does not mention the exchange of products.
  • Payment Options: Express Payment with Shop Pay and Google Pay.

positive aspects

  1. offers a 20-minute concierge appointment with an expert.
  2. offers additional 10% discount when you sign up.
  3. has all social media access and followers.
  4. Kailo’s website has a valid HTTP and SSL certificate.
  5. The website provides free Zoom consultants with experts.

The downside determines if Calo is a scam or legit?

  1. The contact number is not mentioned on the official website.
  2. The owner of has not been identified
  3. The website offers free shipping within the United States only.
  4. cancellation details are not available.

Learn more about customer reviews is a site selling new technology pain relief patches. The website introduced an amazing pain relief patch two years ago. website has many stars and customer reviews. And he has many followers on Facebook and other social networks. Verified customers positively mention the product’s quick relief and expert support. We got all Calo reviews from official website and social media links only. And we cannot check the spam and other threat scores and popularity of Calo’s website.


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