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Read special reviews on Hdhun4u. Com, a website that hosts links to import the latest Bollywood and Tollywood movies.

Are you a fan of Indian Bollywood and Tollywood movies? Would you like to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home? Do you like to watch movies with your family and friends but like to watch movies in your home theater or on projector? Do you want to import HD movies as soon as they are displayed?

Hdhun4u.com is a website that allows you to import movies freely. So let’s check out HDhun4u. com.

About hdhun4u.com

The domain Hdhun4u.com can be accessed with the URL Hdhun4u.onl. On search engines, Hdhun4u is the most searched domain with ‘.com’. However, Hdhun4u is available with the unconventional “.onl” domain.

Hdhun4u.com appears to be an online data based scam as it hosts hundreds of copyrighted movies. Under copyright law, the owner’s approval is required to include such content in order to access and import the website for free.

Hdhun4u.com does not mention any links to movie companies that support their content on their platforms. There were no reviews or ratings related to Hdhun4u.com or Hdhun4u.onl on the Internet.

hdhun4u com validity:

Hdhun4u.com has an average trust score of 73%, a business rank of 42.6% and an Alexa rank of 735,584 and a high suspicious profile of 40%. Hdhun4u.com was registered in the United States on November 10, 2017. This website is four years, seven months and seventeen days. However, his registration will expire in four months and thirteen days.

Hdhun4u.com Owner information not available. Hdhun4u.com does not include customer contact numbers, email, privacy policy, terms and conditions, sections about us and service delivery policy. Hdhun4u.com is only available on Telegram at https://t.me/+vCuKOmMWyYwzZDEx. Hdhun4u has 3,744 Telegram members. com.

Features of Hdhun4u.com:

Hdhun4u.com has SSL certificate for its IP which is valid for next 37 days. Hdhun4u.com uses a valid HTTPS protocol and is not blacklisted by any blacklist engine.

Hdhun4u.com regularly changes its domain from ‘.com’ to ‘.onl’. It receives an average of 982 visitors / day, generating an estimated revenue of $ 9,373 / year. The website is valued at approximately 8,760.

To grow your business, it depends on the pay per click module. The user is redirected to the sponsor’s site to generate the import link. Sponsor websites take 10 seconds to wait before generating importer links.

Once HDhun4u. com generates sponsored links; Users are redirected to another sponsor’s website, which includes various links to websites to import movies. The generated link has an expiration time and will be temporarily available to users.


Hdhun4u.com seems to be a scam that has illegal links to import movies. Copyright infringement is a punishable offense. Hdhun4u.com does not host video files on its own domain and server. As such, it has not been blacklisted and has achieved moderate Alexa, Trust and Business rankings. However, it scored high on suspicious profiles, which did not bode well for user devices and data security.

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