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Finartmedia Review: Trading in the Forex market can be very difficult. With volume trading and increased volatility, traders in the forex market should always be on their feet. What is being debated among foreign currency analysts is the subject of much discussion.

Some people choose basic analysis as their main tool to take place, while others recommend technical analysis. Technical analysis tables and tools are available in Finartmedia as they come with plug-in tools.

This article focuses on technical and fundamental analysis and how they meet the different needs of traders. Read on to learn more.

What is technical and fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis evaluates the impact on future share prices and the value of the investment, e.g. Financial statements, management, market movements etc. It reflects the intrinsic values ​​of any company – either the value of the stock is high or low.

Fundamental analysis includes economic analysis, economic conditions, industry analysis and future profits. It focuses on looking at the bigger picture of the economy, anticipating the possibility of multi-industry stratification, and establishing the right business for financial and non-financial individuals to make decisions.

Meanwhile, technical analysis uses tools such as indicators and oscillators, charts, patterns and trends to estimate market prices during this period. Finartmedia offers a collection of truly unique charting tools and techniques for forex traders.

Technical analysis provides price, time, volume and range data, which predicts future price movements. Trends are estimated based on the difference between supply and demand.

Typically, both methods are used to establish the facts and to verify the projection of price trends. Respectively, both analyzes play important roles in market systems.

The difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis

When comparing technical and fundamental analysis – it clearly states below.

  • While fundamental analysis is useful for long-term investments, technical analysis is short-term.
  • Technical analysis involves more basic trade and investment.
  • Primarily, the goal of fundamental analysis is to identify intrinsic value, however, the goal of technical analysis is to identify the right time for exits and undertakings.
  • In terms of discretion, acceptable information and evaluated data, such as financial statements, form the basis of fundamental analysis. In contrast, technical analysis is based on charts with price trends.
  • Technical analysis focuses on past data, while other analyzes use past and present data.
  • For trader types – basic analysis is for long term setup and swing or long term traders require technical analysis.
  • Technical analysis is used to predict future prices based on charts and indicators, but basic analysis is based on the company’s past and present performance of profits.


Now that we are clear about both types of analysis, it is important to find a broker that supports technical analysis tools. Finartmedia is great, it has the support of some of the best technical tools – and is also the # 1 choice of global merchants. Have you ever made a deal with them? Otherwise, register now!


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