Dream Holidays Scam

This article provides information about the Dream Holidays Scam and other details about this service.

What do you think of the dream destination for the perfect vacation and trip? Almost everyone has a specific place in their mind where they want to visit their dream vacation destination. Many online services are actively working to make this dream a reality for many users.

Some news of similar service fraud and dream vacation scams have become trending. Users in the UK are most eager to learn more about the platform and the details of the alleged scam.

Holiday scam

Now that we’ve discussed this service and related scams, let’s take a look at the details below.

  • The scam in this service is mainly related to the complaints that are going viral.
  • In the complaint, a user has alleged that My Dream Holidays officials robbed him.
  • He had earlier given a bad loan in bad EMI.
  • Reports of the Dream Holiday scandal are likely to be true as the complaint, along with other bugs in the website, is likely to be an unreliable forum in the UK and other regions.
  • Asked to correct the error, the official alleged that there was another debt on the user’s card, which caused huge financial losses.
  • The complaint further states that the officer is no longer responding and is unavailable.
  • We recommend that users go to a more well-known and well-established platform for planning their trips.
  • Scams related to this service claim that service managers stop responding and become completely inaccessible after payment.

Dream vacation scam

As we mentioned earlier, this is the name of an online travel service that offers travel packages to users and can help them plan their vacation using their services. The description of this service states that it helps users to travel around the world. Some questions about holiday scams are drawing attention as there are complaints from users that this online service has cheated them.

The validity of the dream holiday

  • The full name of this service is ‘My Dream Holidays’.
  • They offer travel packages and similar services for users who want to plan trips around the world.
  • Reports of Dream Holiday scams are likely to be true and the legitimacy of this website is in doubt due to the dubious nature of many features of this website.


Nearly everyone has a dream that we want to pursue and the online service helps users plan that trip for them. However, there are reports that similar services like “My Dream Holidays” are cheating users and we have mentioned the relevant details above.


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Where did you first hear about this travel package service? Please share your thoughts, opinions and comments about Trendy Dream Holiday Scams in the comments below.

Written by Patna Motihari

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