Want to buy t-shirts from the Donnagoods online store at You must be careful! This is not a legitimate online store for purchase. Reviews highlights everything you need to know before buying from this store.

What is the website

Donnagoods, located at, is an online store selling a variety of custom t-shirts. And these products are sold at suspiciously discounted rates.

However, this website has several red flags that indicate it is not a trustworthy website and this review will highlight everything you need to know about this store. Some of the research done are:

  • He has a fake contact address, he is suspicious.
  • The website was recently created in August 2022 and will expire in August 2023, indicating that it is an easily disposable website, so it is not reliable.
  • No social media presence / fake social media icons.
  • The website has fake trust seals that are not from official organizations.

More reasons why you shouldn’t buy from

Doubtful/derogatory suit

Outrageous discount prices on websites are too good to be true and also serve as a red flag that the store is a scam.

Wrong address lists its contact address on its website at 12 Crawford Lane, Hooksett, NH 03106. However, extensive research has proven that this address is listed as a family home on Zillow. This is suspicious and shows that is hiding this information from its buyers. This is also questionable because genuine stores always provide accurate information on their sites. This is a red flag and an indicator that this is a scam.

Customer complaints

Customers who shopped at this store left online reviews saying the store was a scam and never received what they ordered, while others claimed they found something completely different from what they ordered. And all attempts to contact the store for a refund were unsuccessful.

Customer reviews

There are no customer reviews on the site, which is debatable because every genuine store always leaves an option for customer reviews.

Theft devices has stolen most of its content and product images from various online stores.

This scam is common in online stores. They pass off the products as original, but in reality, consumers are getting cheap fakes and have no way to return them.

is scam or legit?

From these important points mentioned above, there are many red flags on

Like various scam online stores, it uses cheap discount prices to attract customers. However, when they place an order, they receive a completely different or inferior product than what was ordered, while some unhappy customers receive nothing at all. This is a classic example of a bait and switch scam.


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