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What is Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk?

Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk is a useful tool that can help you track your messages and contacts. Using this app you can see who is online and how much they are spending on their messages. By viewing the chat statistics of your contacts, you can decide on features to improve your interactions with them. If you are a busy person, WhatsApp chat statistics will help you stay organized. You’ll be able to see your contacts, but you’ll also be able to see if they’re using the same app.

WhatsApp Stats is a great way to keep track of the conversations you’ve had on the app. They give you a complete overview of your conversations. You can download chat statistics for WhatsApp and view them whenever you want. You can use these apps to learn more about your friends and business partners. They are free and easy to use. You can also find chat statistics for Whatsapp for Android.

Details: Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk

  • for free
  • Without advertising
  • No permission required
  • Can’t connect to the internet
  • Device data is not accessible

To get the number, just send a group chat from WhatsApp to “Chat Stats” app.

After analyzing the exported chat, this application uses a bar graph to display the statistical data.

Here are some examples of data analyzed from each cat:

  1. Posts per user
  2. Words per user
  3. letter per user
  4. Average number of characters per message
  5. media files per user
  6. Emoji per user
  7. By user link
  8. Message on weekdays
  9. Messages per hour
  10. Day with more posts
  11. Message of the last days
  12. First message from each user
  13. Last message from each user
  14. Most used words
  15. Most used emojis
  16. Top Emoji by User
  17. Most Linked Websites
  18. Top websites by user

All this information, including data and images, is displayed on one page, making it easy to save, upload or share with other users.

To work, “Chat Stats” does not require any special permissions. Analysis is performed in a vacuum, without access to the Internet or device data.

Steps to get statistics on any WhatsApp chat with ‘Chat Stats’:

  • Open whatsapp
  • Open a private or group chat
  • Tap on Chat Options, the three dots that appear on the right
  • Tap on the Export Chat option
  • Select Export without media files
  • Select “Chat Statistics” to export chats

Analyze the chat

Another option is to scan chats that have already been exported to a .txt file. To do this, select the file in the file manager and then open it with “Chat Statistics”.

If you select the “Analyze by date” option, you can view the entire chat or the time between two dates.

The “View Entire Chat” button allows you to quickly view and search through entire chats.

With the Search Messages option, you can quickly find messages containing text from a specific date or from a specific user.

In addition to making it easy to create statistics, view them and quickly find chats, WhatsApp has two other useful features:

Start talking from the phone number. This option allows you to start a new WhatsApp conversation without first adding the recipient’s phone number to your contact list.

Notes can be found in individual chats. With this option, you can start a new WhatsApp conversation with your phone number and talk to each other. Conversations are done with only one person, without anyone else.It can be used as a diary or to store photos, videos, audios, documents and locations.

After sending the first message, these chats can be accessed from WhatsApp without going to “Chat Statistics”.

“Chat Stats” was created to help people learn how to make apps for Android and get interested in statistics and fun programming to spend their free time during the pandemic and quarantine.

How to Download Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk?

This game is very entertaining and one is sure to download the game on his handset to play in his spare time.

Now the question is how to download Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk file on your device. To do this, start by clicking the download button on the Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk.

But if you want to download it on your PC, you just need to connect your respective device to the computer. It will be surprising to know that the size of this APK file is around 1MB.

Then you need to copy this Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk game file to your phone/tablet and then open the file.

You will now see a box asking for your permission if you want to install something from unknown sources – “For security reasons, your phone is set to block the installation of apps from unknown sources”.

Now click on the Setup tab and then let Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk install. Now after the successful installation, you will be able to see the Android icon on your device.


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