Here are some vital reasons why you can trust Canadian Visa Expert to help you through the immigration process. You can rest assured that Canadian Visa Expert is not fake since we work directly with immigration professionals who are registered members from The Federal Regulator of Canadian Immigration Consultants.

We have worked with these experts with the end goal of furnishing our customers with the highest quality of service. Canadian Visa Expert pays these specialists to be sure that you get professional, accurate guidance from immigration experts who know the process from start to finish. Source:

About Canadian Visa Expert

We value these relationships and utilize these services to process customer payments, issue receipts, give services as agreed upon, and provide our customers the client care they deserve. Not at all like a fake, Canadian Visa Expert has seen many of its customers receive their permanent resident visas to Canada where they have moved to work and live.

Scams don’t stay in touch with their customers. Canadian Visa Expert, however, works with experts to find if you meet the requirements for the Canadian immigration process, and we then report our findings back to you as soon as possible. Canadian Visa Expert Real or Fake

The international student scandal that’s making headlines in Canada

They thought they had an acceptance letter to a Canadian post-secondary. What they really had was a worthless document that was not flagged until they applied for permanent residency. Here are a few reasons that you can trust that Canadian Visa Expert is legit.

Fake immigration officers

Scammers may pose as government officials on the phone. They may say you’ve done something wrong or you owe fees. They may threaten you, saying if you don’t pay them money right away you will lose your immigration status or be deported. However, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not work like that.

According to the government’s website, IRCC will never contact you by phone to collect fees or fines, nor will they threaten to arrest or deport you or harm your family or property. They will never ask for new personal information over the phone, only to verify the information you have already provided. They also do not ask you to pay right away or use pre-paid credit cards, gift cards, and other similar money transfer services.

If you do have outstanding fees, you can pay them online. IRCC will also never send you a visa by email. Emails from actual government officials will have a URL that ends in “” or “”. If you are unsure about some communication with someone who claims to be from IRCC, you can verify by calling IRCC’s call centre. For tax-related communications, check with Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.

Canadian Visa Expert Real or Fake

Fake job offers

If you didn’t apply to a job, you are probably not going to get a job offer of any kind. Although recruiters may contact you to notify you of a job posting, they’re not going to just give you a six-figure salary with “no experience necessary.”


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