Back To The Future 4 Real Or Fake

Back To The Future 4 Real Or Fake. Maybe never, but not now. Unfortunately, many fans were excited about the prospect of such a film over the weekend, when a fake post circulated on Facebook promising a long-awaited sequel. This post is fake Michael J. Fox had an account and it has since been deleted, but the caption accompanying the post was enough to get people talking about it. Here is the post.

Back to the Future 4 trailer debunked

Recently, a fake trailer for Back to the Future 4 was posted on Facebook by KrayZmnd saying “I’ve been waiting for this for so long!”.

The trailer features news footage and then the legendary DeLorean from the original trilogy embarks on another time travel odyssey.

As of this writing, the trailer has been viewed over 12 million times and has been shared 186,000 times and received 270,000 likes. Many people share it and believe it to be real.

Unfortunately, the trailer is fan-made and not official. Screen Culture posted this on YouTube a year ago and the post has been viewed over 275,000 times.

Even if the widely circulated trailer is fake, it’s still worth pondering a lingering question: Is there a new Back to the Future that doesn’t have a trailer?

Will there be another comeback in the future?

No, a fourth Back to the Future film has not been officially announced.

In fact, MovieWeb reports that both Back to the Future creator Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis have repeatedly said that there should not be a sequel to the original trilogy; His permission was also required for the fourth film.

Against this background, the chances of a fourth film in the series materializing seem highly unlikely.

While this may disappoint some fans, there are sure to be twice as many fans who want the trilogy to continue.

10 fun facts about Back to the Future

  • Bob Gale thinks about high school yearbooks
  • The original script was very different from what we see in movies
  • The name of the film is Back to the Future
  • The manuscript was rejected several times
  • The opening scene shows the end of the film
  • The Time Machine wasn’t originally a DeLorean
  • John DeLorean is very grateful
  • Michael J. played the role of Marty. Fox is not the first person
  • Michael J Fox got a job and had to work hard
  • The visual effects team did an impressive job

Back To The Future 4 Real Or Fake:

So, reportedly, Back to the Future is one of the few major films without multiple sequels, and BTTF co-writer Bob Gale has said there won’t be a fourth film.

Back To The Future 4 Real Or Fake

Speaking to Collider last year, Bob Gale said he didn’t want to make a sequel to BTTF 4 and was telling the entire story using the original three films. Michael J, 60 years. Gale also said that audiences would not like to see Fox play a man with Parkinson’s.

The BTTF trilogy is what it is and we don’t need a fourth part, mainly for the reasons mentioned by Bob Gale.

Why didn’t Back to the Future 4 come about?

A few years ago, Gale explained why Back to the Future 4 would never happen, saying there would “never” be a sequel, likening such an event to “selling your kids into prostitution.” He added that due to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease, a fourth film could not be made anyway.

Are they building a new back in the future?

Back to the Future (1985) is one of the most iconic films of the 1980s, while the trilogy as a whole remains one of cinema’s most popular films – although there are a few other exceptions, including The Dark Knight Trilogy and Apes Reboot Trilogy, which is one of them


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