Authmsg Scam

Read unique facts about the Authmsg Scam elsewhere to understand why you’re being sent a passcode.

Have you seen Authmsg on your mobile phone in the UK? Want to know why you get these messages? Did you know that in 2020-2021, many scammers conspired to do phishing scams and many got Authmsg? Do you know what Authmsg service is?

About the new smishing scam:

Since mid-2021, a large number of people have received a text from Authmsg saying “You have a verification code” followed by a number. People didn’t know why they were getting such messages and which app or website the verification code was related to.

At first, people expected it to be a scam, then someone claiming to be from customer service or tech support for a particular app or website would try to call them to get a verification code. But not a single crook called. Moreover, it turns out that such Authmsg is a complex SMS scam.

About Authmsg SMS Spam:

Authy and Verify API are two different APIs from where the message sender name is sent from Authmsg. Authy provides 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) services in over 79 countries.

An application programming interface (API) is software that communicates between two different application services by connecting requests and responses. You activate 2FA by sending an authentication code to the application API software which sends an SMS to the registered mobile number.

The user does not interact with the API. Instead, the user enters a verification code at the access request. The Authmsg review found that while Authy provides its service across a variety of apps and platforms in the UK, it is not clear which app has received Authmsg, particularly when users have not used the app.

How do scammers take advantage of this?

Since none of the attackers called for the Authmsg verification code, it is clear that the attackers are targeting apps and users that are not 2FA enabled. With 2FA enabled, it will be harder for scammers to gain access to your account because they will first need to contact you for an Authmsg scam verification code. In this process the miscreants will be traced.

But, if 2FA is not enabled, it will collect user’s credentials like date of birth, mother’s maiden name, address etc. Verification, which can be obtained from various sources through phishing.


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