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This article tells you about a recent incident of a popular Tiktok and Roblox user Xiaoleung Roblox. Please see the details now.

Xiaoleung Roblox is now a trending word in many online platforms and forums. If you follow TikTok or Roblox forums and know some of the biggest and most popular users of these platforms, you’ve probably heard of Xiaoleung.

He posts Roblox-related videos on Tiktok and also has a very successful YouTube channel. However, she recently issued a statement claiming that she will be quitting all these platforms.

He took this decision after a certain debate. If you want to know what happened to this platform in the US, please keep reading this article. We will provide you with all important information and details.

About Xiaoleung Roblox

Xiaoleung is a popular TikTok and Roblox user and YouTuber who recently quit all social media platforms. Several factors led him to take this decision. Please read the post till the end to know the answer.

What happened to Xiaoleung?

  • His username on TikTok and other platforms was Xiaoleung. We don’t know anything about his real name.
  • She was a TikTok user and had around 2.6 million subscribers on her account.
  • She belonged to the Roblox community on TikTok.
  • Recently Xiaoleung Roblox deleted his accounts from all social media platforms for some reason.
  • Among other things, he deleted his Twitter account.
  • He removed all the videos from his YouTube channel, which had a large number of subscribers.
  • He also released a statement online which has now gone viral.
  • In a statement, she said that she will no longer be part of the platform and has decided to leave.
  • He thanked all his followers for showing their support and supporting him throughout the journey.

Why did Xiaoleung Roblox leave the platform?

There are many reasons behind his decision to leave the platform. Please see some of them below:

  • She faced backlash from TikTok’s Roblox community.
  • punish for using racist words in his text.
  • She was criticized for having an Asian name when it was rumored that she was not Asian.
  • He has been accused of carelessly taking leave during the ongoing pandemic.
  • Sources say the rumors are false and have come from fake screenshots circulating online.
  • After Xiaoleung received backlash, Xiaoleung requested Roblox to leave all platforms behind permanently.
  • In his statement, he also said that he has no intention of returning.
  • After that many users have come forward in his support.


Social media can be a toxic and suffocating place at times, as evidenced by a recent controversy involving a popular TikTok user. Sources say she was threatened on stage and forced to leave due to false allegations. Please take a look at any other relevant information we have provided above.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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