Well-Architected Review

In This article, we will discuss Well-Architected Review and Why, What, and How Doing a Well-Architected. Let’s Find Out.

Why Well-Architected?

Well-Architected reviews are taken to ensure that your software is efficient and useful for your business. Is it secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable? Is it easy to maintain, implement and improve?

Reviews are an effective way to identify areas for improvement and rank them according to their potential reward, level of risk, and workload.

Conducting a well-crafted review is not a one-time task. Adjustments are easy to make and there is less chance of failure in go-live if you review everything before putting it into production. Application requirements and available cloud capabilities evolve over time, so it is important to continually review them and adjust as necessary to reflect these changes.

What Well-Architected?

If you want to create a well-designed architecture on Amazon Web Services, you can use the AWS Well-Architected Framework Guidelines. The five cornerstones are Operational Excellence, Safety, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.

And unlike AWS’s own opinion, it’s based on actual customer experiences, proven to work for a wide range of users.

One of the most important innovations in recent years has been the availability of dedicated lenses for specific types of applications, such as those used in B. serverless applications or the financial services sector.

How Well-Architected? Well-Architected Review

Another option: Do it yourself – In November 2018, AWS introduced Well-Architected Tools as a free resource for developers. Complete a review of your own well-designed system with this online form, which includes a checklist of best practices for each topic and ticked questions next to it.


Rigorous, comprehensive review of customer applications, quick responses and well-structured reviews add value and developing trusting relationships with customers is all very rewarding.

It contributes to a well-designed application by bringing relevant parties together, quickly examining potential improvements and coordinating actions.

Is your program safe to use, reliable, extensible, and cost-effective to run? Is it easy to maintain, implement and improve? Well-crafted reviews from DataArt can help you get the answers you need and speed up the recovery process.

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