Water Master Game Real Or Fake

I saw an ad yesterday about a puzzle game that paid hundreds of dollars to Android users.

The ad lured people to download the app and withdraw huge amounts of money through PayPal.

Many shady developers run cheat games, don’t expect to get rich overnight by solving puzzles and combining objects.

So can you expect real money to pour into your bank account after playing the role of Water Master? Is Water Master Game Real Or Fake?

What is Water Master?

Water Master is an addictive game where players sort liquids into bottles to win hundreds of dollars.

This bounty forum is going viral! Payouts via PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards and in-game currencies.

You have to make sure all the glass tubes are filled with the same colored liquid to complete the level.

This game is like a water-sorting puzzle and has more than 100,000 installs on the play store.

Despite many installs, Water Master is still an Early Access application that does not allow for ratings.

This indicates that the developer is not sure whether his app gets a good rating or not.

Not only that, but if the app doesn’t pay, it’s a good reason to prevent users from revealing the truth and prevent people from playing it.

How does Watermaster work?

Water Master is free to download from play store and no registration is required.

After launching the game, you will be shown a short tutorial on how to play it.

You will find some mixed colored water bottles that need to be rearranged. So your task is to make sure that each bottle contains only one color.

Just select the bottle and add water to another bottle until the level is complete.

Since there is less room to play with liquids, you should think twice before transferring liquids from one bottle to another.

As higher levels become more complex, you can use props. For example, you can take an extra bottle, undo or reconstitute all the liquid.

Earn rewards

Upon completing the level, you will receive a generous cash reward of up to $60 if you watch the video.

The Water Master will give you an Amazon Badge if you complete the level in a limited number of moves.

Even if it’s Amazon Log0, you can exchange them for PayPal, Amazon gift cards or any other method until you reach 500 badges.

The app also has a rewards section where you can collect puzzles and redeem them for iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, Sony Camera, and more!

You have to collect ten pieces by clicking bubbles, watching videos or spinning the wheel.

How do you get paid?

You can withdraw your money using PayPal, Line Pay, Alipay, Worldpay and other methods.

However, you must reach level 15 before paying the minimum $200.

Is Water Master Game Real Or Fake? Does It Pay Dollar?

No it is not! Water Master is no different from the hundreds of fake games already covered on this blog.

They are often built on integrity and thrive on people’s urge to make a quick buck.

It starts with an eye-catching ad that says you can make hundreds of dollars with PayPal.

When you start the game you have to fulfill the first condition to get the payout.

However, experienced developers will never reveal what is behind the first withdrawal request.

It’s usually an endless series of video requests that maximize their profits while wasting your time.

However, Water Master will inform you that your money is being processed and more than 9000 people have to pay before you.


  1. Low minimum withdrawal limit.
  2. Addictive game
  3. Easy-to-play interface


  1. Network error.
  2. Lots of ads.
  3. High battery usage


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Written by Patna Motihari

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