VicTube App Real or Fake

In today’s post, we will see about games and earning app. Today we are going to review an earning app called VicTube App and find out whether VicTube App Real or Fake.

Please read this article completely to get answers to all your questions regarding the VicTube App.

VicTube game is a free game available online, which claims that you can win expensive prizes by winning the game.

I was playing one of these fake games when another tempting ad popped up on my Android.

It claims that you can claim $25 on their wallet app for every 10 minutes of usage!

What is VicTube App?

This bounty forum is going viral! Withdraw via PayPal, Visa, gift cards and in-game currency.

VicTube is an app that will reward gamers for watching short films on their Android phones.

It’s similar to WowTube and MoneyVid, which I reviewed on My Room is My Office a few weeks ago.

VicTube was recently launched and has over 10,000 installs on the Play Store.

Unfortunately, it’s still in early access, which means you can’t write reviews and notify others if the app doesn’t pay.

Therefore, it is important to find independent reviewers who publish articles and videos on your platform.

How does Victube App work?

VicTube can be downloaded for free from Google Play and used on your Android device.

It also requires no registration, so signing up and collecting rewards is quick.

The app lets you watch YouTube shorts and earn coins, which you can convert into real money once you meet your withdrawal requirements.

Note that there is a progress bar at the top that advances quickly while watching the video.

Once done, they prompt you to click on the treasure chest icon to trigger the reward card.

You can double click the button and then watch another video to collect it. But this time the ad is promoting a bogus bounty app.

Every time you watch these sponsored videos, the developer gets paid and in return you get redeemable coins.

You don’t need to browse other videos to earn credits.

Indeed, once the ad finishes, the progress bar will advance again, even after playing the same video.

How do you get paid?

VicTube lets you withdraw money only after you collect 5,000 coins, which is equal to $500!

You can redeem in multiple ways like PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, Amazon, Google Play or Steam Gift Cards.

VicTube App Real or Fake

No, it’s not like that! VicTube is not a profitable application like ClipClaps or Givvy Video.

So, you will be paid only if you go the extra mile to meet all the requirements.

I want to warn you about more than wasting time on Victube App.

After reaching $500, it indicates that the order has been successfully submitted and the money will be transferred to your account within 72 hours.

VicTube App Real or Fake

However, the checkout page says you can instantly activate the order by watching 30 videos or paying a fee of £0.69.

In other words, VicTube wants your hard-earned money with no guarantees.

I urge everyone reading this review to stop using this app and uninstall it as it benefits the developers and advertisers.


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Written by Prince Rai

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