Trymyui Test Is Real Or Fake

A “niche” way to make money online is to test websites for money.

The world of user testing jobs is very competitive. In fact, there are many websites that pay you to try out new apps and websites and provide feedback on your experience.

One such company is TryMyUI, which will pay you $10 to run small website and app tests. So if you want to know how this platform works and if Trymyui Test Is Real Or Fake, read our TryMyUI review till the end!

What is Trymyui Test?

TryMyUI is a website usability testing platform that allows companies to pay testers to review their apps and websites.

As I said, this is nothing new; Companies like TestingTime and PlaytestCloud offer similar services and side opportunities.

How to become a TryMyUI tester?

If you want to earn money with TryMyUI, the process is very simple. I was able to sign up to test the site within minutes and have received a few trials invites from TryMyUI since writing this review.

Overall, the process involves five stages. Here’s how it works.

  • Registration
  • Take and accept tests
  • Download TrimUI Recorder
  • Take the exam

Getting paid

You get paid when a client accepts your trial. Before that, you never get paid, so it all depends on whether the client is happy with your work or not.

TryMyUI pays every Friday via PayPal. Your earnings include tests for that week, although tests completed close to Friday may be included for the following week.

How much does Trymyui Test pay?

Trymyui Test pays $10 for each accepted test. As already mentioned, the tests last about 20 minutes. That’s actually an average of $30 an hour, which is pretty cool!

It wouldn’t be a proper TryMyUI review without talking about the monetization potential of this platform.

The main disadvantage of user testing sites like TryMyUI is the lack of testing capabilities. Again, I have registered for this forum for months and never received an invite.

TryMyUI even says, “It’s definitely not a full-time or part-time job, but a way to make some money doing something fun in your free time.”

Now there is no limit to the number of tests you can take and again, first come, first served.

Is TryMyUI legit?

Yes, TryMyUI is a legitimate user testing website that pays users for successfully completing testing sessions. And the company has a track record of working with some of the biggest brands to get users paid on time. Testing opportunities, however, are rare. And some users complain that their test submissions are rejected due to low quality so they never get paid.

Overall I think it’s worth signing up for TryMyUI if you want to make a quick buck once in a blue moon and have fun with user testing.

But as per my personal experience since I signed up I have not been invited for many exams. And I wasn’t fast enough to claim open tests to other users.

Maybe that’s my personal demographic, so you might have better luck with this site. Just have realistic expectations and know that you won’t replace your main job with TryMyUI.

Try MyUI vs UserTesting

I’ve seen the TryMyUI vs UserTesting debate on a few forums, so I wanted to clarify that here as well.

UserTesting is another popular website where you can earn money from website testing.


  • Fast registration process
  • Low barrier to entry
  • High hourly wages
  • Get real PayPal cash for your efforts


  • Very limited earning potential
  • High test rejection rate compared to other user testing websites
  • There is no control over how many trials invites you receive


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Written by Patna Motihari

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