Token of Protection Lost Ark

Have you found a way to claim a Token of Protection Lost Ark? Then please read more about the game and the following topics.

Are you a Lost Ark player? Do you know the latest sports news? Please continue to study this article carefully to gather accurate guidance.

The Lost Arc game has been highly praised by gamers, mainly in the United States, for its excellent use of game elements. Moreover, unique views, features, custom characters etc. The game recently released an update that made it trending. So, let’s evaluate the details related to the update details in this Token of Protection Lost Ark article.

About tokens

While researching the token, we didn’t find many details, but the YouTube video did mention some details. Therefore, based on the content provided in the video, we will clarify the facts related to it. Also, the purpose of the security token is not specifically mentioned in the YouTube video.

However, the video shows that tokens are beneficial for the characters in the game. Furthermore, the YouTube video focused on clarifying the token exchange process. Therefore, in the next paragraph, we will provide you with guidance; So, please stick to the upcoming sections.

How do I claim a token?

After exploring the Chaos Line Lost Ark threads, we saw that the security token is the main item to enter the dungeon. But, to take advantage of these tokens, players must visit the North Verne after completing the South Verne mission. In addition, players should choose a purple search that will guide them to reach the person giving them two tokens.

However, the YouTube video explains that players can receive two tokens per week. Now, let’s go ahead and discuss the Chaos Line activity and its essential details.

What is the Chaos Line Lost Arc activity?

As discussed, this is the last activity released with a recent game update. Also, a new volume, South Verne, which includes weekly searches and dungeons, has been published with this event.

To participate in the activity, players must earn a minimum of 1370 GS and 1415 GS for the normal and high difficulty options. In addition, participants will be asked to enter via NPC after completing a short search.

What is the Lost Ark game?

The Token of Protection Lost Ark discussion shows that this is a 2.5D MMOARPG developed by Tripod Studios and Smilegate RPG. According to sources, we felt that the game has won many accolades and awards due to its admirable features.

What are the latest game updates?

The game was updated yesterday, April 21, 2022 with a new volume, South Verne and a new class, Glavier. In addition, the developer team fixed several other bugs, including upgrades.


This article contains important information regarding lost coffin protection tokens. Also, we learned that the update came out yesterday with some new content.


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