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We are all in love with the various new products that have been launched recently. Different brands are constantly improving their products. But how do we know they are good? Could they be scams? Thus, Testergigs Com Legit gives you the opportunity to test them.

Testergigs Com is a website that offers Amazon product testing. We know it sounds unbelievable, but this is their core service. Now you can get your hands on this new item and see what works best for you. So today we will see if testergigs com is legit or not.

We will see all the services offered by it. Moreover, we will end by listing all the pros and cons of the website.

What is Testergigs com?

Testergigs com is an online platform that helps you register to buy various products. As a result, you can also become a part of their reward process and get various items from the marketing platform. So you can get double the benefits under one subscription.

It categorizes the tiers you can claim on your gift cards. So, testergigs com can be a good opportunity to join the marketing industry. It will help you grow in many ways.

How to use testergigs.com

You can easily sign up at testergigs com. The process is simple and you just need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to testergigs.com.
  • You will then click on “Allow”.
  • A welcome page will appear where you will answer three questions.
  • You will then need to provide your email address and more information.
  • They will contact you soon and give you more details.
  • Website description

Let’s take a look at the details of this website.

  • Site registered on November 7, 2022.
  • The website will expire on November 7, 2023.
  • Testergigs Com is registered as TUCOWS, INC.
  • The website is barely two weeks old. This is why there is less traffic; Very few people know about his presence.

Program Requirements

Here are some requirements. It must be completed to claim your gift card.

  • You should register and provide true information.
  • Sign up for some of the products you love.
  • You can also sign up for marketing plans available on the website.
  • Complete the reward claim process using your ID.

Offer available

Some levels have a specific contract and are also paid. The first level is empty. However, another may pay you $5 after completing two deals. So, as the number of completed deals increases, so does the reward amount.

Offers at the time of registration will depend on brand and marketing partners.

Maximum prize amount

You can easily earn up to $1,000 by completing 25 transactions. Isn’t it great? It’s an online job, and if you do it while watching TV, it looks free. So you can now earn money from the comfort of your home.

amazon gift card

There is a certain level where you can claim an Amazon gift card. This card lets you make up to $750 in purchases on Amazon. The money will be deducted from the card and you can get what you want.

asda gift card

You can also claim an ASDA gift card worth $1,000. You can use it wherever an ASDA location is active.

Cash app

This gift amount is transferred to your Cash application. You can use it for whatever you like in the respective stores. Thus, make sure you have an account at testergigs.com before claiming rewards.

response time

After registering on testergigs.com website you will get the answer. He usually responds within the first 30 minutes. However, sometimes there are delays. Maximum response time is 48 hours maximum.


  1. You can earn up to $1000 in gift cards.
  2. The site offers various offers.
  3. You can get subscription from your favorite brand.


  1. The website is new.
  2. It has less traffic.
  3. Levels are unknown.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied with the service?

Since there was no such comment on the official website, we looked at TrustPilot. However, there are no reviews on this site or other sites. The main reason is that this website is only two weeks old. There are no social media accounts and hence people do not know about them.


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Written by Prince Rai

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