Sort 4 Chips Master Real or Fake

Over a million people have installed Chip Master hoping to transfer hundreds or thousands of dollars to their PayPal accounts. Let’s Find Out Sort 4 Chips Master Real or Fake.

It’s crazy to think how the developers got so many people to the video.

I’ve forgotten how many games I’ve reviewed on this blog. But if only 1% of them gave me what they “give” me, I’d be very rich right now.

You know money doesn’t grow on trees, so you think this is a fake money app. So if you meet the requirements, will Chip Master pay you? Is it a scam? Is it legal?

What is Sort 4 Chips Master?

Chip Master is a puzzle game where you match identical chips and win cash prizes.

This giveaway forum has gone viral! Withdrawals via PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards and In-Game Currency.

They claim that any money you collect will be redeemed on PayPal or with an Amazon gift card. You’ll be raising hundreds of dollars in minutes, it’s crazy!

And the iPhone 12? Of course, they say if you collect 200 puzzles and watch 150 videos, you can win this awesome phone!

However, if you look at the app description on Google Play, there are no prizes listed. Additionally, the cash balance and iPhone icon have been removed from in-game screenshots.

I wonder if the developers are afraid of being banned from the Play Store. What do you think


Like traditional simulation games, Sort 4 Chips Master has a unique art style and high-quality graphics, maps and characters help Sort 4 Chips Master attract a large number of simulation fans. However, Sort 4 Chips Master 1.0.4 uses an updated virtual machine and makes significant improvements over traditional simulation games.

The latest technology has greatly improved the gaming experience. There are various mobile APKs with excellent compatibility, ensuring that all simulation game lovers can fully enjoy Sort 4 Chips Master 1.0.4 while maintaining the original simulation style.

This app can be downloaded from ApkDownloadHunt for Android 5.1+ or its original version from Google Play Store. All apps/apk/xapk files are 100% safe with genuine and fast downloads.


  • One-finger operation.
  • Free and easy to play.
  • You can always have unlimited fun!

How does Sort 4 Chips Master work?

Chip Master is available on Google Play for your Android device. You may have already downloaded and installed it on your phones.

If so, if you want to be safe, you should consider removing it as soon as possible.

Because developers have unlimited access to USB storage. This means they can read, modify and delete your photos and files!

How do you play Chipmaster?

You just need to place at least three chips with the same number to connect them.

Then tap all the connected chips to combine them into another chip with a higher number. The more you log out, the higher your score and therefore more prizes.

After you match the number 7 token, they will give you a puzzle to win iPhone 12.

Also collect PayPal and Amazon Dollars by combining tokens and watching videos.

Chip Master adds money to your account only when you press the “Win” button and watch the video until the end.

This, by the way, is the main purpose of the game – to make you watch tons of clips in the hope of earning money so that the developers can make a profit.

How do you collect?

Chip Master claims to transfer all funds to your PayPal account after 24 hours. But if you reach $1000 you can withdraw immediately.

Same with Amazon Dollars, you have to wait 36 hours for payment.

To request payment, just enter your email address and cross your fingers.

As you know, Chip Master encourages players to trade in iPhone 12 after collecting 200 puzzles and watching 250 videos.

Sort 4 Chips Master Real or Fake

No, Chip Master will not pay you a dime and there is nothing you can do but delete the game and continue.

The developers use the PayPal and Amazon logos to make you think the app actually pays.

However, this is just a hidden trick to maximize people’s time.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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