SaaS Customer Onboarding

SaaS Customer Onboarding: Customers will find it difficult to make monthly payments without stopping their subscription.

Because subscription businesses depend on monthly recurring revenue for their growth, improving the customer onboarding process is critical. Give your customers an unproductive onboarding experience and they may fail immediately. It’s hard to explain your product and how you can help users solve their problems. But if done correctly, you can achieve long life and low maintenance.

What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer Onboarding – When you need to educate your customers so they can use your service effectively. Success means that you are able to solve the problem that created your product. When customers buy a social media tracking tool, they’ve already bought your software.

Why Should You Care About SaaS Customer Onboarding?

Maybe you’ve developed a program that you think is really important. It is a change that has a lasting impact on our lives, our work and our communication. When the SaaS marketing onboarding process is confusing and long, customers may give up and move on.

It increases customer traffic and sales. If your customers aren’t properly engaged, chances are they don’t have enough. Most SaaS companies have a churn rate of more than 5 percent. (Totangos) Even a 10% increase in churn rates can affect a company’s valuation.

How to create a customer onboarding process for SaaS?

Let’s start by looking at the customer onboarding process. This will guide new customers to try the product and ensure they are getting the best value for money available.

Remember that from SaaS companies to SaaS, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding SaaS services. When we get these 10 elements right, we can provide our customers with an amazing customer experience.

Registration process

Onboarding begins after the first login process. However, you’ve just completed the signup process, which gives you the best chance of onboarding. What are your suggestions to guide the user? Here’s a story that explains why those aren’t practical solutions.

For the past two weeks, I have been visiting the Musée des Arts Contemporaries de Chicago. I returned to the reception to collect the ticket but could not find the representative. They didn’t know I was interested. They didn’t tell me what exhibit was there. I was not told about the possibility of competition.

Webinars and workshops

In my career in marketing, I have found that people can learn in different ways. Many people like to read articles. Many people like to watch movies.

Some prefer a more acidic sound. The same principles apply to customer onboarding. Your customers’ users will enjoy watching a 3-4 minute tutorial on your product.

Sometimes we dive in and learn as we go. Other readers can read the necessary information from you. Some people prefer webinar/workshop sessions. Webinars are wonderful for a variety of reasons, but there are a few common problems with customers who attend webinars.

Welcome email

You can contact them instantly via email or SMS. These emails will drive new users to your site. This step becomes important when there is no in-app welcome sequence, like in lumens5. Here’s how BareMetrics uses its welcome email.

First, let’s set up our audience: those who registered a few hours ago. We welcomed his arrival by emailing him. However, the main effect of these emails is to redirect users to perform specific actions within the app. We will connect the billing data to the billing database.

In-App Notifications

The use of SMS notifications has increased over time. Can SaaS make in-app notifications more effective? In-app notifications for customers upon boarding have several benefits. You can make this list available on first start if you create a “First Start” checkbox. If you ask your users what they have achieved with your application, check them out


By following the tips above, you can create a customer onboarding experience that helps your customers get the most out of your SaaS product and realize its full potential from day one. You’ll set yourself up for success by getting valuable feedback first.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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