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Whether you have loose curls or 4C curls, you’ve probably fallen online through the rabbit hole of curly hair care tips at one time or another. I’ve been there – in fact, I prefer a few things that teach me the Curly Girl method, rather than sitting in bed and having vloggers.

As powerful as the loophole community of the Internet can be, it is also overwhelming. On social media, I am constantly bombarded with recommendations for the best curly hair products, and I have been told that I need to try them. But like most of us, I don’t have an unlimited budget for hair care purchases, so I try to limit my purchases to hair care products that are as effective as they are affordable.

About Rizos Curls Reviews

Rizos Curls Defining Cream defines and retains curls without keeping the hair crisp, creating bouncy, shiny, curl-free curls. It is made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil which will give curls a healthy look and enhance the natural texture of your hair.

The super-affordable line available at Walmart, became my curly girl when I first used her curl-defining cream. Filled with natural moisturizers like aloe, its light texture offers more hold than my favorite salon gel, giving me one beautifully shaped curl at a time.

I apply it by doing a penny-shaped work through my hair immediately after washing my conditioner clean, which helps lock in as much moisture as possible. The result is a head filled with the most springy, softest curls I have ever had the pleasure of calling myself, and at $ 19 for a 10-ounce bottle, the product pays a lot for itself.

Specification of Rizos Curls

  • The hair defines and holds curls without being crunchy
  • Creates bouncy, shiny, curly-free, abundant curls
  • Helps to improve the natural texture of your hair
  • Your curls look healthy
  • Reduces decay
  • Ideal for all textured hair types, waves, curls, and coils
  • Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients
  • Free from sulfates, silicone, or parabens

Main content

  • Aloe vera in deep condition promotes healthy hair growth and reduces dandruff.
  • Shea butter keeps hair moisturized without leaving it greasy.
  • Coconut oil reduces crunchiness, and prevents breakage and cracking.

15 Curly Girl Approved products to help you on your curly girl’s journey

As soon as I became addicted to moisturizers, I knew I would have to try other Rhizome products. Luckily, I got the brand’s moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner as a Christmas gift (thank you, mom!). When I think my curls can’t get better, the shampoo and conditioner combo enhances them even more. Both areas light as their curl counterparts and are filled with the same elements.

Along with the extra hydration, the shampoo reduced the growth of the scalp which I always suffer from, while the conditioner made my strands oily. Although I haven’t tried it yet, Rizos also offers a refreshing, detangling spray that completely replenishes curls on wash days. Used together, these products can dramatically improve the look of a curly girl, and Rizzos’ Instagram profile is perfect for transformation.

How to use

Apply a quarter volume by hand and work from the roots to the ends of wet hair. Pay attention to the parts that need the most moisture. Crisp the hair and use your fingers to shape the curls. As it dries, apply more product to areas that require more moisture.

Is Rizos Curls good products?

I love this product for my daughters and for my curls. I have noticed that if I remove the Rizos Cream Curl product, the curls dry out and wrinkle. So with this product, the curls are not well defined, hydrated, and wrinkled. I totally recommend this product.

Rizos Curls Review

Rizos Curls do not contain sulfates, silicones, or parabens! You can find our components listed on each product page. Why not sulfates? … They give the “illusion” of bubbles and decay, when in fact the sulfates used as a daily cleanser can remove the natural oils from your hair and make it brittle.


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