RINGS WITH GEMSTONES: When you’re ready to take the plunge and pop the big question to the love of your life, don’t leave anything to chance. An engagement ring with a brilliant stone set in an eye-catching design will help fulfill your promise to get together. And gemstone rings are always the best choice for couples looking for a piece of jewelry that is as special and unique as their relationship.

With options like ruby rings or blue sapphire rings, you’re sure to turn heads. However, choosing the perfect engagement ring is easier said than done, especially with so many options on the market. A better option is to buy your ring from an online store like Gempundit which offers jewelry with strength, sophistication, and sparkle.

Let’s explore the range of gemstone engagement rings to know more about them.

What makes gemstone rings special?

Gemstones have been associated with cosmic energies, planets and gods since ancient times. They are believed to bring about positive changes in the wearer’s life. Some gemstones have excellent healing properties that help you fight certain diseases and boost your immunity against serious diseases.

Wearing the gem will give you mental toughness, clarity and intelligence to advance your career and business. They can connect you to the higher realms to advance your path of inner strength and spiritual awakening without losing touch with the real world.

However, what really sets them apart is their design. Most gemstones form deep in the Earth’s crust and are mineral deposits that have been compacted over the years. For years, diamonds have been considered the number one choice for engagement rings due to their hardness (10 on the Mohs scale), extreme brilliance and amazing dispersion.

However, in recent years the popularity of diamonds has been countered by colored gemstones, which are rarer and more stunning and offer astrological benefits. Blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, opal etc. are some excellent gemstones that can change your life and bring more passion in your love due to their spiritual potential.

What gemstones look best in engagement rings?

Precious stones are loved for their alluring luster and brilliant colors, making them top contenders for engagement rings. No matter what color you prefer, there is a beautiful and natural stone that will enchant you. Some of the most popular options are:

blue sapphire

A blue sapphire ring is not only beautiful but also represents royalty and authority. Many cultures have embraced this gemstone for its ability to protect and increase the wearer’s wealth. The deep and intense cornflower blue color enhanced by the excellent luster and step cut make this a unique choice for your engagement ring.


Who would be impressed by the alluring and attractive beauty of a gold studded ruby ring studded with tiny diamonds around the gem? The aura and power of this stone is so great that it is called the king of gems. Pigeon blood red rubies found in Myanmar can strengthen the bond of love you share with your other half and last a lifetime.


The light green color of emerald represents growth, fertility and new beginnings. It is one of the best gemstones for an engagement ring to start a lifelong bond. This gemstone represents Mercury and brings the green energy of this planet into the life of its wearer.

Yellow sapphire

Topaz or yellow sapphire has always charmed kings and commoners with its innate charisma. It is believed that the gem brings immense success and high social status to its wearer. Above all, it is a great option for couples who want to get married to promote marital bliss. This will help you understand your partner more clearly and make mutually beneficial decisions that will strengthen the relationship.

Red coral

Red is the color of love, and if you want an engagement ring that really stands out, you can’t go wrong with red coral. Unlike other gemstones, red coral is an organic rock that forms deep in the oceans. It is always associated with marital benefits due to the stone’s ability to reverse the harmful effects of mangal dosha on a person.

How should you choose the best gemstone for your engagement ring?

Many factors can affect the beauty and utility of colored gemstones. They are rare, precious and extremely luxurious. Also, the gem industry is full of scammers and fake sellers who offer artificial stones at high prices. You should avoid the hype and buy the original product without rip-offs.

The best way to find your dream ring is to choose a stone that allows for complete customization. This means you can choose your stone, metal, setting and design to create a masterpiece. When making this choice, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find a business that offers a free consultation to discuss your vision
  • Order HD videos and pictures to get a better view
  • Check and compare the prices of the final product with other stores offering similar services
  • Choose the right carat weight to suit your needs, style and budget
  • Look for clear and transparent gemstones that give off an inherent glow under natural light. You can also ask the seller to provide you with a free lab certificate stating the clarity of your gem.
  • Color should be intense, bright and pure with natural diffusion of light
  • Most importantly, choose a gemstone with a hardness greater than 7 on the Mohs scale to withstand daily wear and tear.


The metal of your engagement ring should match the gemstone you choose for perfect results. Design and style according to your preferences; Simple ones with cabochon-cut stones set in a halo, prong or pavé setting work best.

So that includes what you need to understand before you buy a gorgeous engagement ring with a brilliant gemstone. Choose it wisely because this piece of jewelry will be your life partner.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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