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Do you know Cordell? Did you play If you are unfamiliar with this game, this article will give you in-depth knowledge of Quadal game. The game is popular in Ireland, UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. People spend their free time in this game. This Courdal.com article will guide you through the gameplay and other details.

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Is it Qourdle or Quordle?

The big confusion among players is that they mispronounce the game. This is because they are confused with the correct spelling. People search for “quadrilateral”, which is a misspelling. The game is spelled “quarter”, so if you make the same mistake, please read this section to learn how to spell it.

How to play Qourdle?

The game is gaining popularity around the world. You’ll find Qourdle Daily with new words every day. In this game, you have to guess the correct five-letter word. Let’s check out Qourdle’s actual gameplay:

  • This game has four sections so you have to guess four difficult words.
  • You only have nine chances to guess four words.
  • When typing a five letter word in an empty box, if a word turns green, you have guessed the correct word and it is in the correct position.
  • If any letter in your guessed word turns yellow, the word is correct, but in the wrong position.
  • On koordal.com, if the color does not change, it means the alphabet is wrong.
  • Once you have guessed the correct letter, all the boxes will appear green.

How often can you play?

This game comes up with new words every day. They give only four words to guess. It cannot be played indefinitely in one day. Once you’ve played the word and guessed, the next day you’ll have to wait for a new hidden word. Developers offer four words to guess, but they can only run once. So play smart and win the challenge.

Where to play Qourdle com?

You can play this game online on their official website. The link to access the official website is: https://www.quordle.com/#/.

You can play this game anywhere on your PC, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. It is available on devices with good internet access. So, if you have all the requirements, you should start playing Quadral.


This article will guide our users on how to play Quadral. This is an exciting game and you will find mental joy in solving it. So what are you waiting for?


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