Onlinebookclub Scam

The news article contains all the information from the reviewers to find out the details of the Onlinebookclub Scam and to tell others about it.

Have you seen the recent Book Club scandal on the Internet? If not, we will give you full details of this scam. An Onlinebookclub is an organization where authors are paid to review a book or review their website. The site states that the first review you do is free, and after that, you get paid. In the United States, individuals are considered curious. But, before that, you have to look at the details of the Onlinebookclub scam.

What is a scam?

The Onlinebookclub makes a lot of promises to its critics, but the site pays you less for the work it asks you to pay. The site asks reviewers to take note of any hate speech used by the authors and minimize any errors. The site is said to be a scam because critics do not pay the required amount after work. Reviews can also be rejected, which affects your score and reduces payouts.

Essentials of Onlinebookclub Scam

  • The Book Club allows reviewers to review a website according to its given format. If reviewers deviate from the format, they will not be paid.
  • Critics are invited to write 500-word reviews for adults and 300-word reviews for children’s books.
  • The payment plan is not transparent and only states that reviewers will be paid between $ 5 and $ 60 for each review.
  • Generally, people do not get enough money on initial assessments and they only increase based on the ratings of the evaluators.

Opinions of people on the Onlinebookclub scam

Many people in the United States have been scammed and paid very little, despite high ratings from critics. There is no payment format and many critics have complained that they have been on the website for two years and have written more than twenty reviews, but have not yet received payment. Critics’ scores also did not go above 35, where critics are paid. Another reviewer stated that he was paid for his work. The website lacks transparency, which is why it is called an online book club scam.

The website needs to improve the payment methods to work on it and earn the trust of the people, otherwise the website will be shut down as soon as possible.


Many competitions are held on social media in the context of Onlinebookclub. People are confused about reviews because many reviewers received timely payments and accepted it on social media.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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