NBA 2K23

Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K23 is the latest basketball simulation game from 2K Sports. The game includes all official teams and players from the National Basketball Association and the Women’s National Basketball Association for the 2021-23 season. The game’s campaign celebrates the career highlights of the Chicago Bulls’ legendary marksman in honor of his number.

In this NBA 2K23 guide, we will reveal the best builds and other essential tips and tricks for beginners such as: B. How to get VC without spending a dime. Various modes including Town and Neighborhood, NBA 2k23 MT will list all the locker codes and tips to beat the playing field.

The next generation of the game will be fundamentally different from the current version. There are some differences between the two versions, which are explained on this page. However, your experience may vary slightly depending on your console.

Build works

The first part of our NBA 2K23 guide features our picks for the best builds. Before starting MyCareer, you can decide on a MyPlayer build. With that in mind, we’ve divided this build into five positions on the basketball court:

Due to the flexibility of the game, these are only recommendations; You won’t get definitive answers here. It’s helpful if you use these pages as inspiration to get you started so you can choose the right build based on your preferences and playstyle. It’s also worth noting that there may be small differences between next-gen and current-gen games in terms of balance and gameplay.

How to create a MyPlayer version

Create your own skin for your creation or import Head Swipe before creating your own My Player. You can adjust everything from skin texture to eye color to hair color. Find something you love and spend some time understanding your look. It helps if you enjoy watching NBA 2K23 for life.

Once you’ve chosen a face for your MyPlayer, you’ll need to give it a name, location, right arm, and number. Dribbling and grabbing layups will depend on your right hand, your build based on your preferred position, so choose wisely. Also, you need to select your height, weight, wingspan and height. Height, weight, and wingspan are directly related to your maximum attributes, so consider them carefully.

A currency that literally exists

We will help you increase or resume your virtual currency for the rest of NBA 2K23 guide. This fictional in-game currency can be used to purchase upgrades for your My Player and packs for your My Team. It’s available through the PlayStation Store, but we’ll show you how to get the most out of it without spending a dime. is one of the most trusted and trusted NBA 2K23 MT Store. NBA 2K23 MyTeam Coins will be delivered safely and quickly. There is no shortage of game consoles. Giveaway mt nba 2k23 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch.

Codes for lockers

We will publish the latest locker codes in this section of our NBA 2K23 guide. You can unlock packs and other in-game rewards by entering these time-limited text strings in the My Career and My Team menus. You will always get the latest rewards.

Tips and tricks for beginners in NBA 2k23

If you’re new to NBA 2K this year or you’re a seasoned veteran, you might be looking for beginner tips and tricks. To help you master the pitch, we’ve included some tips in this section of our NBA 2K23 guide.


Finally, if you’re playing my team, be sure to check out our list of all locker codes, which we update daily. NBA 2K23’s Ultimate Team option offers one of the most generous card collection modes available, especially when you enter your locker code every day. Packs, tokens, and TMs are often included in these limited-time promotions that can be used to boost your starting roster. It is also important to look at the goals for a particular season, as the rewards here can help you improve the quality of your team.

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