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The app also accepts voice input, so you can just speak and type text. Since not everyone likes typing, you can use your beautiful voice to record journal entries. Due to its text-to-speech capability, it is very easy to use. You can customize your magazines with many themes like B Dark Mode.

We offer a number of free font customization options to ensure everyone has a positive experience. Font size, text type and night mode are some of the available settings. Fingerprints or passwords can be used to secure this personal diary. Add your memories to this private, encrypted diary, in the Image Gallery.

We know that late night journal writing is popular so we’ve included a free theme of the night in our journal app. As a result, your night diary time will be more comfortable.


  • Free night theme
  • Photo reminder with password protection
  • Text-to-speech input
  • Make a note in your diary
  • Font customization
  • Environmental support
  • It is saved and loaded.
  • It’s easy to use.


  1. The download is completely free.
  2. No registration is required to stream for free.
  3. Best choice for movies and TV series.
  4. A simple and inseparable link
  5. Awesome presentation
  6. The user interface is easy to use.
  7. There will be no advertising.
  8. And much more

Advantage of Naidiary Apk

Keeping a journal of your life experiences is a great way to preserve your memories. This diary software can also be used to track daily schedules, notes, to-do lists and other types of data. This journal software also acts as a notepad, allowing you to keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

This is a personal notebook in which you can write down all the thoughts that come to mind. In this life diary, write down your thoughts and feelings. Keep a diary of important events and anniversaries in your life.

Your notebook and notes are password protected as long as you need them. The Life Diary app lets you express yourself. This tool works well with logging software that can be used offline.

You can also create text using the program’s voice typing feature. If you do not want to use the keyboard, you can use your beautiful voice for journal entry. The text-to-speech capabilities make it easy to use. You can also customize your magazines with many themes like B. Dark Mode.


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