Mark Rober Scam

This news article is based on information related to the Mark Rober Scam and how he dealt with scammers over the phone.

Are you a Youtube fan? Which Youtuber do you follow the most? Also, do you watch videos on technology and ethical hacking? If so, you must be a Mark Robert client. Did you know that Mark Roberts has the latest updates on his Youtube channel? If you want to know this, you have come to the right place.

People across the United States are eager to hear the latest updates on the scam investigation from Mark Roberts. Here in this article, we will provide detailed information about the Mark Robert scandal. Stay till the end so that none of your points will be missed.

Mark Roberts revealed the details of the scam.

Another Youtube video from Mark Roberts explains how he blocked the Mobile Scam Center. American YouTuber used cockroaches and their special light bombs.

It’s been a year since Robert tried to locate the corporate headquarters behind the fraudulent activities. Eventually his research succeeded. A revelation from Truecaller has revealed that about $ 30 million worth of scams have taken place in the United States.

Focus on the Mark Robert scandal

Mark Roberts has a team of smart people who helped him track down four fraudulent call centers. Other YouTube channels, such as Media Trology and Tech Support Scams, were also part of the mission.
Media Trology team came to India from USA. To find a scam call center in Kolkata. Robert’s glitter bomb pack was the starting point for the campaign.
Another clue found during the search was that the mission agent found toilet soap with the owner’s name written on it.

Why is the Mark Robert scandal going on?

Cell phone scams are on the rise; A group of people are making fake calls to withdraw money. Meanwhile, they may create it as a moral service, but in reality it is a complete scam. This is where tech geeks like Mark Roberts come into play. Robert, along with his other YouTube teams, found a fraudulent call center and called on the mission to shut it down. He used his special “Bright Bomb” package and cockroaches to shut down phone scam centers.

More info

There were a number of security issues with sending messages and filming trilogy art. But despite all these difficulties, Mark Robert’s scandalous mission continues. CCTV systems and operators arrived. The whole incident has been picked up and posted on Mark Roberts’ YouTube channel.

Because of Mark Rogers and his agents, the scam closed its offices. These offices were mainly in Kolkata. Also, law enforcement agencies will soon be raiding these offices.

Note: All information shared here is part of Internet research.


After a detailed discussion of the Mark Robert scam by Mark Robert Scam Detection, we can conclude that everyone should be vigilant and not fall victim to this type of phone scam.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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