Leadsguru is Real or Fake

This post will be a review of whether Leadsguru is Real or Fake, a company that sells online courses. “The next step in online marketing” is their slogan.

You may have seen social media posts or stories where people claim to earn thousands daily from home.

It mainly consists of high school or university students promoting Leeds Guru. That begs a reasonable question: Is Leadsguru real or fake?

Here we see Leadsguru’s company profile, products, affiliate marketing program and overall rating, then should I join Leadsguru?

What is Leedsguru?

LeadsGuru is an affiliate program with MLM benefits that was launched in 2020 by Ajay Singh. He introduces himself as a sales coach and affiliate marketing expert on the official site.

Leedsguru is a sole proprietorship subsidiary of Veer Hanuman Enterprises.

The company claims to earn about 90% of each sale, with 82% being direct commissions and 8% passive income.

It follows a cycle: Join -> Learn -> Recommend -> Earn -> Repeat

A person can simply be a customer of the company or choose to become an employee to earn a sales commission.

According to SimilarWeb data, most traffic to Leadsguru.in comes from India (95.84%) and Canada (4.16%).

Join LeedsGuru

Being an affiliate marketing company, there is no joining fee, instead individuals must purchase educational courses.

So anyone can participate by visiting their website Leadsguru. in

LeadsGuru sells its educational courses in packages that include various modules on personal development, social media, affiliate marketing and other internet skills.

All courses are available in video format and one can upgrade their purchase to a higher package.

There are total 3 different packages as follows:

  • Silver – 2299 Rs
  • Gold – 4130 Rs
  • Platinum – 9997 Rs

LeadsGuru Affiliate Scheme

LeadsGuru follows an affiliate marketing concept where students can earn a commission by selling their courses to others.

Anyone who purchases a product from LeadsGuru can create a unique affiliate link that will be used to generate further sales.

Passive commission

LeadsGuru presents itself as an affiliate program but interestingly offers multiple income levels similar to MLM.

You also get a commission when someone buys a LeadsGuru course through your affiliate link and that person refers the product to someone else.

LeadGuru Review

I hope the above explanation is enough to understand the basics of Leadsguru. They pay 90% commission on every sale which is the most exciting thing.

Many people on social media are aggressively promoting this as a life-changing opportunity. But there is another side of LeedsGuru that is important to know.

Should I join Leadsguru?

The above explanation is enough to make an informed decision. Leadsguru products have no value and affiliates only promote them for commission.

As such, we strongly recommend not joining or promoting it. There are many great ways to learn new skills on the Internet. No need to sell these expensive products to earn commission and cheat others.

Please understand the reality and don’t believe anything you find on the internet, check the facts first.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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