Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: Kathleen Peterson’s crime scene death is still a sensational series and people still don’t know what happened.

A 58-year-old writer, Michael Peterson is Kathleen Peterson’s husband. She was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in Durham. Her body was in a pool of blood under her mansion. Kathleen Peterson’s husband, Michael, is facing first-degree murder charges.

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos

Michael and Kathleen say that have spent the evening of December 8, 2001, happily together. Peterson, who was 58, was a very successful writer; and Kathleen, 48, was a telecommunications executive. Although it was not their first marriage, they seemed to be happy.

At 2:30 a.m. on December 9, Michael called 911 to report that he had found his wife’s body at the bottom of the stairs. Now the shocking thing is that Kathleen’s body is pull off with in blood, which looks very suspicious.

Suspect Mr. Michael Peterson:

According to reports, Mr. Michael is suspected of murder because several nude photos of men were found on his laptop and it is also alleged that Mr. Michael used men for his sexual desires.

It is now suspected that Mrs. Peterson actually saw her husband and confronted him about it, which then ignited the Under Staircase murder.

Peterson’s Second Step Murder:

It is also revealed that an old friend of the Petersen family died in Germany in 1985. Elizabeth Ratliff was also found at the foot of the stairs to her mansion. It was discovered that Mr. Peterson had visited Elizabeth Ratliff’s home the night before her death. Mr. Peterson later adopted Ratliff’s two daughters, Martha and Margaret, and took them into his mansion.

This was established when an inquest was held in Germany and a cerebral hemorrhage was ruled out as the main cause of Ms. Ratliff’s death.

But later in 2003, when the same case was reopened, it was revealed that the same medical examiner who performed Kathleen’s autopsy performed a second autopsy and a second examination on Ratliff’s body.

But later it was concluded that Mrs. Elizabeth Ratliff was also beaten like in Kathleen’s case. Unfortunately, no one was charged with Ratliff’s murder.

Moreover, it is said that the murder weapon has not been found and the case is yet to be solved. Each time, Peterson protested that he did not kill his wife.

It has previously been reported that Michael Peterson has been living in a ground-floor apartment since 2022, where his defense attorney David Rudolph pointed out that the house he lives in has no stairs.

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staircase crime scene photos


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