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The following article provides details about the Jiji Plays Viral Telegram, how the controversy started, and how people reacted.

Have you heard about Jiji Play’s viral video? Again, social media platforms are load with content and comments related to lewd activitiesPeople in the Philippines and around the world are excited about Jiji Play Video’s content.

If you are also looking for an answer to this question, in this video we are giving complete information about GG Pledge Viral Telegram.

What happened in Jiji Play’s Telegram viral video?

Jiji video has gone viral thanks to candid footage aired on the television show The Johnsons. Jiji Olajumoke plays the role of Olatunde and she shoots some daring scenes with actors other than Samuel Ajibola.

Their intimacy scene was so vivid and bold that people shared it on various social media platforms and the video went viral.

What was people’s reaction to the Jiji Pledge viral video?

Not many people to seeing content like this on the big screen, andthe clip left them disappointed. Some saw it as part of the film and skipped it, but for others, the scene was inappropriate and unethical to broadcast explicit television footage.

According to some, it was not a good idea to use this obvious scene in a family-friendly show; Young children also watch TV and are highly likely to be expose to this scene and the whole controversy makes this scene a scandalous topic.

About Jiji Play’s viral scandal series The Johnsons.

  • Johnson is a Nigerian television series.
  • Produced by Rogers Offheim, the series revolves around Johnson and the challenges he faces in life.
  • It is a comedy-drama directed by Charles Enoji and produced in Nigeria.
  • Johnson has a total of 1830 episodes with 10 series.
  • It was first aired by Native Media Limited in 2012 and can still be seen on screens.

What do artists say about Jiji Play’s viral video?

The obvious scene upset many, but it was part of a scene and played out. The actors playing the scenes came forward and explained the actions of their characters along with the story. He apologized for the inconvenience caused to people and families due to the horrific scene.

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The Jiji Pledge video was taken from the television series and featured an intimate scene from The Johnsons. This video played without a tie.

Should the directors have thought twice before including such a scene in a family series? Comment below.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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