Yeager Store is Legit Or a Scam

Does this article provide you with all the information you need to determine whether Is Yeager Store Scam Or Legit

Do you use online shopping portals for your daily needs? Looking for a one-stop shop for blades, cleaning sprays, dental repair granules, and other essentials under one roof? If your answer is yes, then we have some good news for you.

You can visit Yeager’s online shopping site, especially if you were born in the United States. But first, you need to find the answer to this question: Is Yeager Store a scam or legit?

Yeager Shop Authorization Verification:

  • The domain creation date is January 5, 2023. The domain is only one month and nine days old.
  • Domain not update
  • January 5, 2024, is the domain’s expiration date.
  • Yeager’s online shopping portal trust index is only 26.6%.
  • Even if the website is secured with HTTPS, this is not a reliable sign.
  • Suspicious websites have an affinity score of 28 out of 100 and a spam score of 3%.
  • Yeager Store Reviews are not on this online shopping website and are not active on any social media platforms.
  • The Yeager Store has a terrible popularity percentage of 0%.
  • The good thing is that the website cannot be found by any blacklisted engine.
  • This site has a phishing score of 37%. But the site’s malware score was again poor at 64%.
  • In terms of threat profile, Yeager’s shop scored 67% out of 100.
  • After analyzing the entire site, we could not find any information about the owner.

What is Yeager Shop?

Yeager Store is an online shopping portal where you can get essential items under one roof. Yeager’s Shop offers Santa masks, scar cream, fairy lights, security door locks, all-purpose cleaning kits, and more.

But now the question is – Is Yeager Store Scam or Legit? Before making any purchase on this site, we need to understand the legitimacy of Yeager Store. So please keep reading the article.

Yeager Store Details:

  • To visit the official Yeager Store website, you need to click on the URL link
  • You can contact them only at [email protected] email address. No contact details are available.
  • You will not find Yeager Stores on active social media sites.
  • The official address of the Yeager store is 297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom. However, this is not a return address.
  • The name of the company is Supic Company Limited. 12550956 is the company number.
  • Delivery usually takes 7 to 14 working days.
  • A refund and return policy are available to customers.

per region

  1. Free shipping is available if your order is over $40.
  2. They offer deep discounts on some of their products.
  3. Expedited shipping and VIP shipping are also available at Yeager stores.
  4. Yeager Store claims that your payment security is 100% safe for them.

objection clause

  1. There are no customer reviews on the site and the site is new.
  2. The owner’s details are missing from the website and the contact numbers are also not available.
  3. Yeager Store is not responsible if third-party links steal your information.
  4. The Yeager Store website does not mention any social media logos.

Yeager Store Review

Unfortunately, we could not find any reviews for Yeager Store on the internet. We all know that customer ratings play an important role in online shopping portals. But the downside of this site is the lack of customer reviews.

After searching other online portals, we found Yeager Store to be a reliable shopping site. However, if you decide to purchase from a Yeager store, you do so at your own risk.


Based on our testing, we concluded that this website has a 72% trust score, which means very few people visit the site. Score 72% out of 100 for reliability.

This site has no credibility, has Yeager Store reviews, and also has a very low trust score. Also, the lack of social media links and owner information is even more troubling. So we believe this site is a scam and recommend buying from a reputable site.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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