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Looking for a discount online store in the United States after the holiday season? Have you come to Pikent. shop and want to read its reviews?

Pikent. shop is a professional e-store that sells outdoor essentials and kitchen wear. Pikent. shop replica website design and content at The similarity between the two website names indicates that Pikent. shop is misusing the brand name. So let’s find out IS PIKENT. SHOP SCAM OR LEGIT?


  • Pikent creation – 15 Feb 2023 at 17:41:22.
  • Spicy Age – 7 days old.
  • Pikent is last updated on February 15, 2023, at 18:13:51.
  • Expires – 10 Jan 2024 7:15:22.
  • life span – 1 year and 1 day.
  • Confidence Index – 1.9%.
  • Company ranking – a terrible 1.9%.
  • Alexa Rank – Zero.
  • Domain Authority – Poor 1/100.
  • Place of Origin-Arizona, USA.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites – 28%.
  • Threat Profile – 83%.
  • Fishing – 46%.
  • Malware score – 38%.
  • Spam Score – 83%.
  • Connection Security – Picent uses secure HTTPS connections.

About Pikent. shop:

Pikent aims to improve the quality of life by offering products at affordable prices. Pikent sells eighteen products including:

  • bird feed,
  • tent,
  • composter,
  • wine tray,
  • Cooking utensils
  • swiss ball gymnastics,
  • sauna cabin,


  • Shop furniture and kitchen wear here –
  • Price – Between $51.10 and $68.90.
  • Guarantee – Money-back guarantee included.
  • Physical address – 595 Loudon Rd, Latham, NY-12110 Found stolen from fake Responsible for checking if Pikent. the shop is a scam or legit?
  • Company Number – Not specified.
  • Email Address – [email protected], a business email address.
  • Phone Number (or) WhatsApp Number – Not provided
  • Terms and Conditions – Picante As mentioned above, but plagiarism.
  • Privacy Policy – Not specified.
  • Store Locator – Not included in Pikent.
  • Cancellation Policy – Not specified.
  • Cancellation Fee – Not Specified.
  • Return Policy – Picent supports a 14-day return policy.
  • Restocking Fee – No fee.
  • Exchange Policy – Not specified.
  • Return Policy – Final sale, non-returnable and non-returnable items are non-returnable.
  • Refund Schedule – Not Specified.
  • Refund Method – Not Specified.
  • Mode of Payment – Not Specified.


  1. Free shipping on all orders within the United States
  2. Pikent Spring offers aftermarket products at affordable prices


  1. Poor inventory control and Pikent’s logic allow customers to order unlimited quantities of the same item
  2. Terrible Pikent UI without product categorization, search, sort, and filter options
  3. Found many hidden product pages
  4. A whopping 65% discount
  5. Incorrect product specification and image number

Customer Reviews from Pikent. shop:

Pikent does not endorse customer reviews and blogging. There were no user reviews available on consumer review sites and elsewhere on social media.

Six website reviews and five YouTube reviews indicate that Pikent is a scam.


Horrible spam, threats, malware, phishing, suspicious, DA, and Alexa ranking responses make Pikent look illegal. Is Pikent. shop legit or scam? Picant is a new site with a short lifespan. Also, it is vulnerable to the payment due to poor business results. So please read about PayPal scams as Pikent has not mentioned the payment method.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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