Is Physical 100 Real Or Fake

Netflix Physical: 100 caught the attention of many with its interesting premise and a stellar cast. Is Physical 100 Real Or Fake?

A Korean reality series is a series of missions that contestants must complete to advance and win.

The man standing at the end is probably the ideal physique. Not only the honor for the contestants but also the chance to win 300 million. Ever since its premiere, the show has enthralled the audience for its genuine right.

Physical: 100 written?

We’re not sure if “Physical: 100” is fully written. As far as we know, the audience will not be able to watch every second of the competition, but this may be due to time constraints as the show does not require overt manipulation of the audience. Audiences witness a grand celebration of fitness with lavish sets, carefully planned events and talented contestants.


The main reason we think the show is as authentic as it is is the celebrity identity of its contestants. Many of the actors featured in the show are famous not only in the fitness industry but also among the general public.

Contestants like Agent H and Choo Sung-hoon were already famous before they were on the show. The same goes for Cha Hyun-Seung, Kang Han, and Yoon Sung-bin, who are masters in their respective fields.

Given that the cast of the show includes Olympians, international athletes, and entertainers, it is unlikely that they would agree to compete with just one winner. Her appearance on the show not only shows her own skills but also her discipline.

Thus, each of them can compete to show off their fitness skills. Considering how much they loved each other before appearing on the show, it’s unlikely that the fame will cause them to break up.

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How does Phys:100 work?

Here are the Rules of Survival reality series that have made the jump as the best Netflix shows and how each game on the show works.

Physique: 100 is a Netflix Korean original that pits 100 people from various backgrounds in great physical shape to see who has the perfect body. They will then face grueling physical challenges that will test their speed, strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility as the last survivor.

Physical: Among the 100 contestants who were eliminated, they were tasked with destroying their own body casts before exiting the show. The lone winner will leave the series with a cash prize of 300,000,000 won (worth approximately $250,000), while the survivors will be much richer than they are.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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