How To Breed Epic Toe Jammer

How To Breed Epic Toe Jammer: Epic Two Jammer 2.2.2 was first introduced in the mobile game My Singing Monsters on September 19, 2018 in the 6th Anniversary Update. Although it does not have a high coin production value, the community still appreciates this monster. This is How To Breed Epic Toe Jammer in My Singing Monsters these days.

About Epic Toe Jammer

Epic Tow Jammer is an epic monster with one component. It was added on September 19, 2018 during the 6th Anniversary Update 2.2.2. As an epic monster, it is only available at select times. When available, this is best achieved through breeding, the combination of which varies from island to island.

By default, it has a long playback time of 3 hours. Although Epic Tow Jammer is an epic monster, it does not have a high coin yield. Also note that unlike their common and rare counterparts, epic monsters cannot reproduce.


  • The Epic Tow Jammer can only be crafted (or purchased) during a limited time event.
  • Epic Tow Jammer’s replica combination is different for each island.


For a list of when this monster is available see: Breeding Availability
Epic Toe Jammer, like all Epic Naturals, can only be farmed and/or purchased for a limited time during special events. Examples of such events:

  • All monsters that appear on a particular island.
  • All monsters with specific elements.
  • All monsters with a specific theme.
  • A seemingly random selection from a handful of monsters.
  • They are especially likely to appear on special occasions.

How to breed an Epic Toe Jammer in My Singing Monsters

Like other epic monsters in My Singing Monsters, you can only breed them (and buy gems) during special limited-time events and seasonal events. The combination you need is different for each island:

  • Plant Island: Entbrate (Plant, Earth, Water, Cold) + Octopus (Plant, Water)
  • Isle of Cold: Days (Air, Plants, Water, Cold) + Quirk (Air, Water)
  • Island of Hawaii: Rif (Air, Earth, Water, Cold) + Maw (Water, Cold)
  • Water Island: Shellbeat (Air, Plant, Earth, Water) + Mist (Earth, Water)
  • Fire Oasis: Snizzer (Wind, Water, Cold, Fire) + Pango (Wind, Cold)
  • Psychic Island: Gluptic (Plant, Water, Fire, Psyche) + Flea (Plant, Fire)
  • Isle of Bones: Plinkjaw (Earth, Water, Fire, Bone) + Stoog (Earth, Fire)
  • To breed Epic Embrette, tap on the breeding structure, choose a monster combination and wait 3 hours. You can also pay diamonds to skip the waiting time. If you haven’t already built a kennel on the island you want, when you reach level 7, click the market icon, select the building menu, and buy a kennel for 200 gold or 10 shards. After the wait time is up, tap Kindergarten and you can now place the Epic Toe Jammer on the islands listed above.

Note that the Epic Tow Jammer cannot be used to craft other Epic Tow Jammers, unlike its common and rare counterparts.

How to breed common and rare Toe Jammers in My Singing Monsters

Meanwhile, Common Toe Jammer is a single-component monster that cannot be eliminated. It can only be bought in the market for 250 coins at level 4. Still, you can get a tow jammer by breeding elemental monsters with quads.

A rare Tow Jammer is available in the Star Shop for 1,000 Star Power. It can also be created through the use of two three-element monsters with a water element during a special or seasonal event. A rare base jammer takes 6 hours to spawn.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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