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Footage of a crocodile mauling an elderly woman went viral, reaching large audiences in the Philippines and the United States. Because alligator attacks on humans are rare. Found in large bodies of water away from domestic human populations. Therefore, they usually eat animals and fish. But once a crocodile has tasted human blood (or) attacked them, they will regularly try.

Let’s watch Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit.

About video posts on Reddit:

At the time of writing, there were 11 posts on Reddit related to alligators attacking the Gloria Surge. Two Reddit posts were related to community pages with exclusive content related to accidents, deaths, murders, etc. A community post with an uncensored video was removed per Reddit’s community guidelines. There was another post in one of the NSFW Reddit groups.

The viral post on Reddit received 6,383 likes (a +154% increase since February 24, 2023) and had 1,529 comments (+138% increase since February 24, 2023). Most Reddit posts redirect users to unofficial websites. Redditors share links to news and knowledge-based websites to avoid posting disturbing (or) offensive photos and videos that Reddit bots (or) admins might remove.

About Alligator attack:

Gloria Sarge was a resident of a retirement community in Fort Pierce, Southeast Florida. There were 106 videos of crocodile attacks on YouTube. They had five children and seven grandchildren.

She enjoyed her life after retirement. On Monday, February 20, 2023 at 12:00 PM, Gloria was walking her dog near Spanish Lakes Fairways.

A crocodile measuring 4.2 meters (or) 13.77 feet and weighing about 650 pounds jumped out of the pond and tried to attack Gloria’s dog. Found 25 videos and blogs about crocodile attacks on Twitter.

Gloria managed to save her dog, but in the fight Gloria fell and the alligator attacked Gloria. The incident was witnessed by Carol, who immediately called 911.


When Carol sees an alligator attack, Gloria, she is terrified. He immediately called 911. On the call, Carol reports that Gloria is alive. However, 16 seconds into the call, Carol called out that the alligator that dragged Gloria into the lake was fast and did not help Gloria at all.

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