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Our GetBlend review is the result of many requests from our readers that Is Fake Or Real. Some wanted us to research this seemingly new company, while others were interested in OneHourTranslation.

We combined these requests because GetBland operates under the OneHourTranslation domain. It has been rebranded and now has a name and website. It has a potential design, which is unusual for this type of platformer. We weren’t sure what to make of it: on the one hand, it looks charming, on the other, it was disturbing and overwhelming.

The story

Get Bland was originally released in 2008. 14 years of translation experience is impressive and we were eager to learn more. This language company has 6 offices worldwide, the main one of which is in Israel. That’s a good sign, but we couldn’t find any confirmation because the website doesn’t even provide a specific address or phone number. The agency focuses on translation and localization.

Surprisingly, it has a non-existent online presence. We found only a few reviews, most of which were negative and came from translators. He seems to be getting a lot of criticism for the company’s policies. But we wanted to find out how well it translated, so we continued our exploration.

What services can customers order?

  • Translation. We couldn’t find any information about a certified translation, and none of’s reviews mention it. But the company still offers translations in various directions. You can ask for projects in online gaming, e-learning, life science, digital media, and other fields. It’s not as industrial as we’d hoped, but it’s satisfying enough.
  • Localization customers can hire video game localization services for their projects or ask these translators to customize their apps and software. GetBland has a team of professional locals.
  • Audio Customers who need to add audio to their videos are in luck as this agency offers this service.
  • HR and Marketing Solutions. offers a lot for the business segment of its customers. If you are opening a new agency or its branch and need qualified staff, it will help you find them. It can also launch its marketing campaigns worldwide.

How much should you pay for your translation?

Get Blend reviews to talk about prices and no wonder why. There is no information about this on the company’s website. Our team considers this a red flag. Reputable services have nothing to hide – they openly disclose their prices and let customers decide if they can afford them. Of course, each project has a unique cost, but an estimated starting bid can tell a lot.

Because of this, we can’t give you average prices on GetBlend, but we can share ours. We paid $0.16 per word. That’s a lot for a project of our caliber. This company definitely demands more than its customers. Discounts may exist but you must discuss them with the manager personally.

Does it really matter?

The fact that we found mostly negative GetBlend reviews worries us. He specifically mentioned how the quality dropped after 2020 and we had no idea what to expect. Three weeks later we received our translation. The translators got it done on time and we loved it – punctuality is a big deal. But when our experts started analyzing the quality, they were surprised. Part of the original material was missing.

Some sentences were not translated – one of them remained in its original form in the middle of our document. The content had various flaws: the grammar was weak, the links were awkward, and some words were misinterpreted. Our disappointment was great: we paid too much for the job and it was unacceptable. It was clear that someone had translated it in a completely unprofessional way.


For the review, we tried to talk to the managers and arrange an update. We faced a real struggle here: they waited for an hour before answering, gave generic answers, asked us to wait, and redirected us to other people. We were disappointed and upset when they finally agreed to restructure the project. If we have a tight deadline, we will be frustratingly late. Not much has changed since the change.


  • The quality of our translation was terrible. We can’t find any other fitting word. It was completely unprofessional and badly done, with mistakes practically in every sentence.
  • Few reviews. Only some reviews are present online, and they are largely negative. Clients are not pleased and translators are upset because of low payment and unfair treatment.
  • Revisions not working. Even if translators failed to do a good job, correcting your project might take a while, and there’s no guarantee they’ll improve it.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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