Freedom App is Real Or Fake.

In this Freedom App review, we test this popular service to eliminate online distractions and get more done. In This article, We will Figure out Whether Freedom App is Real Or Fake.

Basically, it blocks access to social media, certain websites, and even the entire Internet on your computer or mobile phone.

Why use the Freedom App?

The Internet is a huge distraction from concentrated, creative work.

While this is useful for research and entertainment, it’s impossible to stop whatever you’re doing to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even email.

Jonathan Franzen, author of Freedom (the book, not the app), is just one famous writer who turns off Internet access while at work.

During his book tour (also titled Freedom), he described physically removing his WiFi card from his computer and blocking the Ethernet port with a broken cable so he could focus on writing.

That is an extreme view. However, you can use the Freedom app to turn off your internet access and be more productive.

The Freedom app has been praised by celebrity fans and writers such as Nick Hornby and JD Smith, and others who are more reluctant than Franzen to destroy their machines.

The Windows, Android and OSX Freedom app disables network and internet access for a period of time.

Price for the Freedom app

The app costs $6.99, or $2.42 per month when paid annually. Developers of this destruction killer app regularly offer discounts through promo codes.

You can try it for free for a total of seven sessions.

How the Freedom app works

The Freedom app is basically a distraction blocker. It works as a kind of VPN that sits on top of your existing network, blocking access to certain websites at certain times of the day.

A green window appears when you try to visit a distracting website on your mobile device or computer.

After confirming your choice, the only way to regain access is to restart the computer or wait for the specified period to expire.

How do I use the Freedom app?

  • First, install the Freedom app on your computer and mobile device.
  • Connect your device and download the relevant apps from App Store and Google Play Store as well.
  • Specify how long you want to disable Internet access and/or network access.
  • Make sure to enable various permission requests.
  • Next, select which websites to block from the Freedom App dashboard using predefined categories such as news, social media, and adult.
  • Alternatively, add your website that you find particularly annoying.
  • Select a schedule to launch the Freedom app. For example, I set myself to turn off social media access between 9am and 1pm every day to help me focus on writing.
  • Choose when and which days and times you want recurring sessions.

Freedom App Privacy Policy

Freedom Apps’ privacy policy states that no logs are kept of what users see or how they use the app.

If you have serious privacy concerns, you may not like the idea of a Freedom App block list or an app sitting on top of your Internet connection. In this case, your only options are to remove the WiFi card or work on an offline device.

How often should you use the Freedom app?

After a few months of using Freedom, I found that I didn’t need to use it very often. I had taught myself to work and ignore the frenzy of frequently checking email or the latest posts on my favorite online forums.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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